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How Would Mother Jones Eulogize George H.W. Bush?


How Would Mother Jones Eulogize George H.W. Bush?

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

In a windswept miners union cemetery north of Mount Olive, Illinois, stands a large monument, marking the burial site of Mary Harris Jones. Mother Jones, as she was popularly known, was a legendary labor activist from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She devoted herself to the cause of workers, from coal mines to garment mills, railing against abusive working conditions, against child labor, against poverty.


“Hell-raisers,” YEAH!


Why is the middle of this article a Chomsky tongue bath about climate change? Did you copy/paste by accident from something else? Out of the millions of things that deserved a brighter spotlight in regards to GHW Bush, your answer is “Chomsky is talking about climate change and Trumps a poopy face!” What is that? Do you have a quota to fill in every article? Gotta say Trump bad at least once. How about making the connection to the fact that there would be no Trump without the overtly racist campaign of GHW Bush? No? More tongue bathing?
How Would Mother Jones Eulogize George H.W. Bush (and why Chomsky is a regular guest on our show)? Better title.


To Hell with the greedy warmongering Bush Crime Family. Boy we had to listen to a lot of BS eulogizing about how kind, wonderful and perfect ole George was.

Well I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my admiration for Amy Goodman one of the most conscientious thoughtful humane journalists in the business.

Thank you Amy for years of some of the Best reporting anywhere in Journalism. Your perspective is always from the point of view of the underdog, love ya.


We sure could use another spitfire like Mother Jones in todays troubling times. What a fighter.


My favorite Mother Jones story is when she put together a Children’s Crusade, and with the parents permission she led a parade of child workers to see Teddy Roosevelt. Wow, and the story goes that Mr. Rough Rider ran out the back door so he didn’t have to see all those
children who toiled in giant industry where children worked all day long in mines and in factories. Mary Harris the dressmaker , gave old Teddy a good dressing down for his behavior…are we going back to children in factories again—or I guess we aren’t —because there are no more factories in America now.