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How Would Your District Fare? Memo Breaks Down Nationwide Impact of ACA Repeal


How Would Your District Fare? Memo Breaks Down Nationwide Impact of ACA Repeal

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With Republicans set to unveil their Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal and replacement legislation this week, supporters of the healthcare law are warning of the "true cost" of scrapping the ACA, or Obamacare: loss of coverage for tens of millions of people, across many demographics and in each of the United States' congressional districts.


Scuse me, but it wasn't about folks who could afford such premiums and deductibles, but for those of us who were earlier uninsured and/or uninsurable because of preexisting conditions. It wasn't only about "if we get sick," but especially about checkups and preventive care. You offer no evidence that "Even for people who received tax credits, ... A normal family will be bankrupted anyway." And who's "normal"? Insurance isn't for the normal, it's for those at risk. Some of us qualify for caps on our annual out-of-pocket, and don't have to lie awake nights worrying that our families would be better off if we just went ahead and died.

Get over yourself, and get some facts. You might start with reading what's in the article.


Add to that those of us who had our VA benefits gutted under Georgie Boy the active duty dodger.

In order to get back the VA coverage promised us during Viet Nam, one must now earn less than the poverty level to get VA coverage. Another kinder simpler Republican way.

Not sure what is so hard to figure out here.
Two Choices, Same cost Each.

Either fund WAR or fund Healthcare.

Kinda NOT a Brainer.


Just wait until you go back to pre-ACA conditions. You call this an abomination? You're balking at your out of pocket expenses? You're in for a biiiiigggg surprise. You'll be longing for the day of the ACA once it's gone or when the Republicans replace it with Trumpcare.


this would be such a great time to grandstand for a single payer plan as a "replacement" for the ACA, just to get it into the public consciousness. Not a peep, of course, from the "good guy" party.

instead getting a chunk of americans who might support such a plan conditioned to defend the health insurance industry for the foreseeable future.


We must have single payer healthcare for all Americans, anything short of that is just not going to work. Republicans are investors in all kinds of schemes to defraud people of their wages, tax dollars, savings and retirement programs.The rich elites act as if all our lives and our money are all fair game for them.


We need the military, the police and all of the people to bind together and fight these monsters, deport them to mexico instead of the hard working honest people.


I agree with your conclusions, but either you're misunderstanding what I said, or you misrepresented your coverage in your original comment. A deductible is an original out-of-pocket, not a ceiling, and the 'silver-plan out-of-pocket ceiling' includes premium and copays. I didn't look this year, but the first year, in a state without its own exchange, I could have bought low-deductible coverage (gold?) for less than my mid-3-digit monthly pension or higher-deductible coverage (bronze) for about the subsidy for which I would qualify. And then I saw the silver-with-ceiling provision, for which I qualified, which would guarantee my expenses stayed within my pension. That was before I aged into early-retirement draw on my SS, and before (just now, details not yet communicated) I was adjudged disabled and presumably eligible for Medicaid. All together, I'm way glad for the ACA, much as I would like to have single-payer.


Completely agree so here is a link to Single-Payer Health Care and how it will work:


oops---I just read you support single payer--great!


Here in Northern Vermont we are starting to push for Single-Payer and using the public libraries as places where we can educate the public. Been on the phone for a while today contacting my reps and Leahy is the one single problem because he refuses to come out publicly for single payer. This is going to take major mobilization by us which has to include mass teach-ins on the subject. Let's do it.


Have you read this?


not that specifically. I am listening for details of the proposed shift from "Affordable" to "American," now they've been forced to let it out of the basement.


Matthew Yglesias has some excellent tweets on the new "plan" such as it is. Really, it's just marketing garbage to cover up massive tax breaks for the wealthy undergirded by screwing people over. I have to note, one provision would require insurance companies to charge people 30% more for coverage who had a coverage lapse. That's the "continuing coverage" provision.




Note, these fools want to start voting on the bill prior to a CBO score. Why? Because it's basically a giant tax cut and real giveaway to insurance companies, not the fake one too many progressives have been complaining the ACA is. It's going to be deficit financed, though it will cost less than the paid-for ACA. The reason why it will cost less though, is because it's far less generous and fair. This is going to screw over retirees and folks with preexisting conditions. It'll screw over everyone else by taking us back to the old system too.


Actually healthcare reform was supposed to be about everybody, but it wasn't - and now instead of uniting folks will fight to "save" what they have in the ACA instead of fighting for Medicare for ALL ....

Its called "I've got mine - don't care if you get yours" ...

Divide and conquer - seems to work every time - what has kept us from getting what we really need ...


So why do you defend a crummy plan, instead of fighting for what we all need - Medicare for All




First step - tell your Reps to sign on to HR 676 which has been re-introduced , again ... And call your Sen to introduce it in the Sen - especially Sanders - time to put up or shut up ....


If you want SP - the ACA has to go ...


So - how much are you pushing Sanders? Its time for him to put up or shut up .....


Sorry - the ACA has always been a real giveaway to the insurance companies ...