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How You Can Help Prevent an Arctic Nightmare


How You Can Help Prevent an Arctic Nightmare

Michael Brune

I had a terrible nightmare: President Mitt Romney approved Shell Oil’s drilling plans for the Chukchi Sea off the coast of Alaska. He did it even though his own Department of the Interior calculated that the odds of a large oil spill were 75 percent. He did it even though no proven method exists to respond to such a spill. He did it even though indigenous Alaskan culture has centered on traditional harvests of marine resources for thousands of years.

McKibben Blasts Obama Over Arctic Drilling as Activists Ready for Fight

Thanks for the great article… well, “great” except for this: apparently I’ve struggled with confusion similar to what Michael Brune describes below, but I was hoping he (or someone) might provide some answers to those questions. Anyone else want to bring some clarity to this for me?

"…only it was President Barack Obama, the man we worked so hard to put in the White House, whose Interior Department decided it would be OK to spill oil in the Arctic.

How are we supposed to make sense of this?

Is it because Obama is worried about his next election? There isn’t one. Is it because he’s beholden to the petroleum industry? They never supported him. Is it because he thinks the U.S., as the new chair of the Arctic Council, should lead by some kind of perverse counterexample? Here’s what Secretary of State John Kerry said at the council’s annual meeting last month: “The Arctic Council can do more on climate change … we all know the clock is ticking, and we actually don’t have a lot of time to waste.” OK, so let’s release millions more tons of greenhouse gases and melt the Arctic even faster.

If this is U.S. climate leadership, then I’d hate to see what climate irresponsibility looks like."


Got to remember this is a re-post from an external source, that this site just does agglomeration, but on the rare hope that Brune might actual read these comments, I’m going to post this here.

You guys gave Sec. of the interior Sally Jewell and Pres. Obama a free ride on her nomination, no, you pushed for her to get the office. Until you admit publicly you screwed up, why should we support you?

As I wrote just yesterday on this forum, … “Sec. of the Interiror Sally Jewell, who pushed Shell’s program through the approval process, was “given” the job of CEO of REI by her bank and Exxon-Mobil contacts to clean up her history for a run at the Interior Dept. A few of us could still smell the fracking chemicals on her even after this scrub job, but she got a clean ride from most of the environmental groups. I can’t find McKibben endorsing her, but I also can’t find any record of him attacking her clear record. Before being set up at REI, Jewell as an engineer opened pristine greenfield to drilling, and as a banker, financed new oil fields for both Shell and Exxon-Mobil. Where now Sierra Club?”

It wasn’t just my friends and I writing to congress to oppose her, it was common knowledge. Just as damming, every time there was a chance to address your mistake, you did nothing.

Cries of Betrayal, Calls to Organize as Obama Aproves Arctic Drilling

I think President Obama is trying to teach us how to be good citizens. You can’t elect a President and then expect him to do all the work especially when half the country wants him to dumb down. Being a good citizen of the earth is hard work and we have to do more than vote. Great letter and good call to action.
Side note: Have you had enough of Armageddon or do you need more? I am ready for the 1000 years of peace.


You are correct. Big Energy didn’t overtly support Obummer. But they sure will after he leaves office, namely with big speaking fees before convention audiences and “corporate getaways”. Obummer is a shill who uses his ability to give a good speech as a ruse to what he really intends to do - which is mainly to constantly capitulate to the Rethugs. He has always been a Rethug at heart and he has turned out to be an even better bullshitter than Bubba Clinton was. Obama’s InFerior Dept has not only approved Arctic drilling by the same reckless corporation that brought an environmental nightmare to Nigeria, they have also approved more leases for BP to drill in the Gulf Of Texaco! Also, huge increases in fracking wells throughout the country and mountaintop removal for coal. All under the banner of “energy independence” but in truth to satisfy the staggering greed of the energy cartel which constantly justifies this rape by insisting that we need this to power the vaunted “American Way of Life”.
The author is right - if this is “responsible” development of our “resources” then the Arctic is doomed and, probably, so are we.


After all his betrayals and loathsome alliances with corporate America and the military you still insist that Barry is trying to teach us how to be “good citizens”. He should start at home. You give him way too much credit. I’d bet that you voted for him both times. I did the first time and now I am ashamed of that vote.