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How You Can Stop America’s Slide Toward Tyranny

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/08/how-you-can-stop-americas-slide-toward-tyranny

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The November 4- January 20 transition period will be step one. Steps two through ten will require a level of activism exceeding what we saw in the 1960s to attempt to prevent the Biden administration being a repeat of the Obama regime which was a repeat of the Clinton regime, all of which set the stage for Trump ascending the throne.

One certainty is that if Biden goes the wrong direction his successor will likely be worse than Trump.


Q: What is the tensile strength of piano wire?

A: 2620–2930 MPa (380–425 ksi)*

*Multiple strands may always be used, if necessary.

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Yes, that is a legitimate fear and very possible (probable?) reality.

But, if the Dems do not listen to us, as they did not listen under Obama, what can we do? I am a recovering Democrat who learned the hard way, after Clinton but before Obama, that the Corporate Dems. are Republican Lite on economic issues and just as imperialistic as Repubs. on foreign policy. It was Obama who caused me to register as an Independent. But, unless true progressives can take over the corrupt Dem. Party, what hope is there?


There is no “if” about it. This is who Biden is. Corporationist to the core.

I keep reading these “how to avoid the looming disaster” articles, and they all say “keep on doing the same thing”.

The “same thing” is not going to magically start working.


What we are witnessing is the equivalent of the collapse of the Weimar Republik, Germany, 1933. While Hitler’s Sclaegertruppe, the SA, actively and brutally eliminated resistance, the Democratic wing of the German government stood idly by and thus helped pave the way to tyranny.
Sound familiar…?


Vote blue all the way down the ballot! hopefully progressive blues. Progressive are adding more people and we need more well spoken progressive by AOC. then get active supporting them and a progressive agenda.

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Sure don’t like the implication but sadly true. We the people need to get active and ones that cannot be in streets and in Washington DC , there is emailing our reps, calling the White House, calling our reps and others weekly or daily.

So what is your solution? don’t vote, vote for independent party/green party candidate who has no chance to win? Or we the people get more active, via telphone calls to DC and our own reps and/or on the streets. A mass march in DC

stop paying
rents and mortgages
stop playing the money game

It will take time to unlearn the deeply rooted lies
When should we start?

We, the people, need to take control.
Go to work, find a job, keep the system running for ourselves.
House each other. Feed each other. Heal each other!


This is a totally unrealistic solution to stopping tyranny. Stopping playing the money game as you suggest is a recipe for punitive retaliation from banks, (mortgage lenders) property managers, federal, state and local tax collectors, and various utility entities. Sounds like a recipe for simply adding to your debts in the form of penalties and interest.

Think this through more carefully.You sound very young.

I know you’re scared.
Obviously, you can not even begin to consider my ideas.
It is the answer and will be ‘the way’ someday.

Eat Crow! (big smile emoji for cleverness)
Knee-jerk reactions from your gut do not help. Asking thoughtful questions does.
I am happy to think more deeply, to find the words which comfort you, and discuss ideas to help you better understand the future, which you and I will not be a part of.
I have spent about 30 years of daily contemplation on this subject.
Perhaps, you do not like my simplified and direct manner of speech.

This is the first time CrowWoman has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

Welcome to The Commons, a place for progressive discussion.
I will do my part to help you, sister/mother. (respectful bow)

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These guys want to fight Tyranny as well.


The problem with “tyranny” is people all have a different POV as to what is tyrannical.

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For Tweetle-Dumb, that’s a remarkably accurate statement.  He got only one word wrong!
The following is more accurate:

    “The only way we’re going to win this election is if the election is rigged.”

*   *   *   *   *

Same Here!  Hear!  Hear!   Confession (redux):  I fell for O’Bummer’s false message of “hope” in 2008, but by 2012
it was clear that he and P’Loser were there just to support the Big Banks, Big Insurance, Big Pharma, and the M-IC.


Not only is Trump in the process of rigging the election, he’s in the process of losing it.

Please explain to me - and I mean this sincerely - how voting for the guy who’s spent the last 40+ years steering our country directly into the moment in which we find ourselves the answer to our problems???

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