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How You Can Support Standing Rock


How You Can Support Standing Rock

Thane Maxwell

I am a settler on this land but have spent the past couple of years supporting indigenous battles against new oil pipelines. These are the front lines of the struggle to end the desecration of Mother Earth, the catastrophes of climate change, and the ongoing genocidal occupation of Indigenous lands that makes that all possible.


It is my fervent hope, that just as our First nations peoples become the bedrock upon which this desire to protect Mother Earth is built, that this movement helps to strengthen and rebuild the Communities amongst our First Nations peoples. They have been marginalized for far too long. Here in Canada suicides amoung the First Nations children are orders of magnitude higher than in the general population.

The protection of the Earth and of Nature is one of the most important movements in History and in so doing it my belief this can help to restore the self-esteem of so many that have lost it. Just as these peoples act to protect Mother Earth and help her restore and regenerate, Mother Earth will do the same for our First nations peoples.


A Lakota Sioux leader from Standing Rock addressed the crowd at a local pow wow I attended today. He emphasized that DAPL will draw from and poison the main aquifer for the entire central U.S.---that it's no longer just a local problem but one that will affect the entire country, and that a relatively small number of people, from children to elders, are holding the line for all of us. They need , he said, not only financial donations, or heavy-duty canvas tarps to create winter housing structures that will allow for interior fires, but also for us to hellraise (my word) our congresscreatures to act against the pipeline; one tactic might be to send a bottle of water to each of our senators and representatives, accompanied by a note that the bottles are for the rep's seventh-generation children, so they can know what water was like.
Water is life---for us and all our relations.


I do spread knowledge.... that's about all I can do right now... I share as much information as I can... all the time... I give out article info like this... and create discussions... at work, in the grocery store.. I do try to be careful... like at work... so that someone doesn't say "okay, no more talking politics on the job."...then, I would have to say..."it's not politics, it's science." but, they wouldn't care about that.....

I WISH...I could go and be there... for this... I still have a 16 yr old in school... and a job..but, I am hoping that at 62 ...3 yrs from now... I can do a hell of a lot more...
I will keep "teaching"... about all of this in the mean time...


Also, I would like to thank all those who are out there fighting on the front lines... this is much appreciated and I admire and support them with all my heart.


The article should have mentioned in an unambiguous way what we can do to to do the most good - stop or deeply reduce our own participation in the burning of oil and other fossil fuels. That, and not the minor risk of some water pollution caused by a improbable rupture of the pipe - is the real reason for opposing it - or better yet - the oil wells being drilled upstream.


Thanks CD! Too often folks want to help but just don't know how or where to start. This article provides concrete steps for new and old organizers alike.