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#HQ2Scam Hashtag Lifts Off After Cities Reveal $2.1 Billion in Tax Giveaways for Amazon

#HQ2Scam Hashtag Lifts Off After Cities Reveal $2.1 Billion in Tax Giveaways for Amazon

Julia Conley, staff writer

While business-friendly politicians applauded Amazon's decision to establish two new headquarters in New York and just outside Washington DC, local officials, residents, and critics of the "race to the bottom" the $800 billion corporation held in its search for new office locations denounced the move on Tuesday, decrying the effects the new headquarters will likely have on the chosen cities.

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Let’s- this is the same company that hires camper workers for minimum wage or less . Boycott this company - there is no reason for it to get tax breaks.


Accelerating with lightening speed into full blown corporate fascism. In Real Time…


VA and NY should still come up on top. Each location is apparently gonna get 25,000 highly paid new jobs (according to AMZN, average pay is 150000). Let’s consider a tax rate of 5% for VA. Those 25,000 new jobs will be paying about $187 million in state taxes every year. Nevermind the sales taxes they will pay when shopping there. Accrding to CNN AMZN “will receive incentives of about $1.5 billion based on job creation in Long Island City, and incentives of $573 million for Arlington”;

On top of that, AMZN will still pay at least some state and property taxes which would not have existed otherwise.

And, let’s be realistic, HQ2? Here’s one line buried somewhere at the bottom of the article, way below the pint where most people stop reading: "Amazon has said employees who work in Seattle will have a chance to relocate. " hint, hint, wink, wink

AMZN just wanted to get out of Seattle, talk about killing the goose that lays golden eggs. AMZN paid 250 million in state and local taxes in 2017. But guess what? Housing prices will become more affordable in Seattle.

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Corporate capture.


Gigantic corporations are expensive in various ways:

When (and not if) they leave, the local economy mega-collapses. Megacorps are lured to a local community by cash. Guess what happens next? They’re lured somewhere else by more cash. Crash!

They can soon demand further local concessions so that the local community doesn’t lose them to some other local community. The bigger they are, the farther around the globe they can choose to move.

If they pollute or disrupt in any way, they’re harder for the community to control. It’s like bringing a little dictator into the community.

They’re not locally owned. This makes a difference because local benefactors often give back to their communities.

Know your farmer, and know your boss. Locals hire locals. Megacorps recruit worldwide. Amazon, in the finest tradition of being a megacorp, runs its employees into the ground. Stories of using plastic water bottles instead of bathrooms to save minutes on the job have leaked out.


Bezos is the richest man in the world. He needs no tax breaks or other subsidies. Whoever cooperated in giving him those perks should be voted out of office during the next election.
He is a symbol of greed, selfishness, and vanity.


When is Bezo’s going to demand that we build a sports stadium for him to enjoy.

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RE: "“I also don’t understand why a company as rich as Amazon would need nearly $2 billion in public money …”

How do you think Bezos got to be the richest man in the world? You can’t really believe he earned it?


If you want to get mad at someone, get mad at the politicians. They’re the ones who are giving away your tax dollars, just like the do for sports stadiums (which time and again have been shown to be net revenue losers for the locales that build them).

Bezos is just looking out for his interests and those of his shareholders. It’s the politicians who are screwing the taxpayers.


Amazon is appalling. If you’re able to bring yourself to boycott , try it. Be real.

I’m done.

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Paying gigantic corporations off and not paying two guys in a garage off equally is a pro-monopolistic government practice.

No guillotine yet?

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Millionaires and billionaires don’t achieve their wealth by caring about others.

There’s no real secret to becoming ultra-wealthy…it just takes a sense and acts of complete selfishness, greed, indifference, even disdain for others.
Money has to be your one & only motivator (except perhaps power too), your crutch supporting your journey towards validation and self-worth.

The media has increasingly become highly-concentrated under, and thus controlled by the ultra-wealthy.
They use those media holdings to promulgate the idea that achievement of wealth is achievement of status, respect, intellect, etc.

They push stories in that media with narratives (mere PR) instilling a sense of admiration for the .001 percent among the masses.
“Philanthropy” is mostly a con-job, an amusing anecdote used most only to excuse the ultra wealthy from their obligations of paying taxes, even gaining admiration for doing so.

They use their massive wealth, often earned off the labor and monies of others, to buy special-interest legislation granting them extra-special privilege to further increase their wealth.

Edward Bernays, in his book “Propaganda”, wrote:
“If you can influence the leaders, either with or without
their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence
the group which they sway.”

“Leaders” are prone to the same propagandist manipulations as others.

America is a corporatocracy, and the citizens, “We, the People” have allowed it.
We’ve allowed the new Aristocrats, the Oligarchs to rum amok.

Thomas Piketty wrote in his book “Capital in the 21st Century” that:
“When the rate of return on capital exceeds the rate of
growth of output and income, as it did in the nineteenth
century and seems quite likely to do again in the twenty-first,
capitalism automatically generates arbitrary and unsustainable
inequalities that radically undermine the meritocratic values on
which democratic societies are based.”


Now, take a look at the underlying ownership of Amazon.
Yes, Bezos is the CEO and perhaps the single largest shareholder, but the largest institutional shareholders include:
State Street
T Rowe Price
Morgan Stanley
And other of the largest money-management firms, whom operate collaboratively, forming virtual monopolies amongst the largest “competing” corporations, via large share holdings.
(source = http://investors.morningstar.com/ownership/shareholders-major.html?t=AMZN)

These are many of the same largest institutional shareholders of “competing” corporations like Walmart, Ebay, Costco, Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, IBM, Netflix, GM, Tesla, Ford, The largest “competing” banks, the largest “competing” defense contractors, the largest “competing” airlines, the largest “competing” media, the largest “competing” energy/utility co’s, the largest “competing” insurance co’s, the largest “competing” pharmaceutical co’s, and so on, and so on, and so on…

Noticing a pattern here?

These firms are the true architects of the “economic recovery”, the neo-feudal Lords whom have created the new American Planned Market Economy, large corporations controlled by the .001 percent.

They have virtually eliminated all real competition, in most every segment of the markets.

Ultra-wealthy individuals, like Bezos, Musk, Gates, Zuckerberg, Page, Brin, et al. exist largely with the help of these large money-management institutional shareholders, via their investment sin their companies.
They exist to drive profits back to their largest shareholders, granted excess wealth for themselves in return.

They will achieve that goal, utilizing any means necessary.

Similarly, politicians are paid well to partake in that system of Aristocracy.
The more the enrich the neo-feudal Lords, the more wealth they receive in return.

Compare this to the medieval feudal systems of past.
The Lords and Vassals helping each other.

This is the hierarchy of wealth and power in America (and the world).

Boycotting Amazon whilst supporting Apple, or Google or any of their remaining corporate assets, DOES NO GOOD.
Any one of their held corporate assets is expendable.
They simply make up for any losses of one via their other assets.

• Corporations owned by these institutional firms are among the largest political campaign donors, to politicians from both the “left” and “right” (even their “fringe” elements like the “Libertarians” and “Progressives”).

• Corporations owned by these institutional firms are among the largest spenders on lobbying activities, to politicians & bureaucrats of both the “left” and “right”.

• Not surprisingly, corporations owned by these institutional firms are also among the largest recipients of the over $110 BILLION given away ANNUALLY by the government in the form of corporate subsidies.

"We, the People", the mindless, conspicuous consumers, have no one to blame but ourselves.

"If we should find ourselves beholden to some other, imagined authority, this can only mean we have constructed the conditions of our own slavery".


You’re right to focus on propaganda.
Trump’s favorite book is said to be Hitler’s Mein Kampf, especially the chapter on propaganda.
When you read what Hitler said, you see the messaging playbook used by Trump, the corporate elites, and their mainstream media mouthpieces.
And Americans are an Idiocracy, so they’re rubes ripe for the con.

Jeff Bezo is worth over 130 billion dollars. Why couldn’t he afford to go thru the land use process, building regulations, and cost of building without tax breaks from the people in NY and Virginia which many are poor struggling workers already? Next will he build 12 story building to house his slaves?

Third world nation we’ve become, open up the landfills for people to rummage through for their daily needs.

Thank you for sharing all your thoughts and opinions and facts. I agree wholeheartedly with all that you presented but I would need to know how to present as facts without back up? My many years of witnessing this take down of America and we the people lead me to believe the same but I am not good at how to prove these facts. Not good at googling which are one of these conglomerate sycophants that want to rule the world.

I’ve said it before. With these type of people it’s not about the money, it’s how you play the game. and it’s about winning.

That’s what product advertising has been about since forever. imo