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HRC's Endorsement of Hillary Clinton Was Disingenuous and Unnecessary


HRC's Endorsement of Hillary Clinton Was Disingenuous and Unnecessary

Ken Schneck

I'm not telling you who to vote for. I'm not telling you who I'm voting for. Heck, I'm not even telling you which party I'm registered with (secret sidenote: I'm a hardcore Democrat).

But the Human Rights Campaign is not holding back with their affiliations. They just weighed in and threw their unanimous support behind Hillary Clinton. And that was disingenuous and unnecessary. And when the Human Rights Campaign does disingenuous and unnecessary, holy hell, they go all out.


Like the Clinton connection to her endorsement by Planned Parenthood (the organization's President's daughter works in the Clinton campaign), I'm told that HRC's President used to work in Bill Clinton's administration. Conflicts of interest much? I'm willing to bet that if we turned over enough slimy rocks we'd find a similar connection to NARAL's endorsement of Hillary as well. This just stinks to high heaven. Hillary is clearly desperate, and piling on to try and nip the Sanders campaign in the bud once-and-for-all. When the members of progressive organizations, not the leaders, get to decide who, if any candidate to endorse in the Democratic primaries, Bernie always wins.


While driving home earlier I heard Judy Woodruff on PBS use the frame that Americans didn't WANT single payer. Can you believe that shit?

Backroom dealings done with Big Insurance that leave any advocate of single payer out of the room (and off any decision-making table), and then argue that it was the public that didn't want that option.

No one challenged her; and this nonsense was stated to make Bernie Sanders look like he was out in Left Field and only the pragmatic Hillary had it "going on."

When the corporate media can repeat lies often, traffic in false narratives, make declarative statements without any viable source positioned to challenge them... it's ALL propaganda, and a slime-filled swamp of it, at that!


Hillary was still AGAINST Marriage Equality in 2013!!! Can anyone tell me what the hell she or her husband ever did for GLBT rights????? They gave us DOMA & "Don't Ask,Don't Tell"She's no frined to GLBTpeople---just a political opportunist.


Throwing support behind Hillary is hypocritical as she has no belief in any basic human rights. She is a war criminal. She has supported every ME conflict, craving others. She has made to stand for all those refugees fleeing (and dying) countries torn apart by US/West resource war and aggression. I just read where the US now has a base in Syria which is illegal and constitutes and act of war. She must be smiling (as Kissenger did over the genocide during the Vietnam war. Does anyone remember that smirk on her face when our favorite dictator ally/enemy was murdered? We came, we saw, we killed!) since she wants a No Fly zone and boots on the ground. She has never been a supporter of LGBT rights. Hell, she doesn't believe in Medicare For All, and has fought to privatize Social Security as well as Medicare. If she were to win to the White House, she will be no friend to these people, or us 99Percenters. I would rather see Trump in the Oval Office than this war lover.


....Human Rights Campaign endorses blood-soaked Neocon imperialists?!?!


We don't even need to turn over any rocks. The president of NARAL formerly worked for MoveOn.org, an organization founded in support of Bill Clinton. (MoveOn, unlike NARAL or HRC, was honest enough to poll their membership, who voted overwhelmingly to endorse Sanders. I suspect that may be the reason neither NARAL nor HRC polled their members before making these endorsements.) NARAL's president also previously worked for Media Matters, David Brock's group. David Brock recently bought 80% of Blue Nation Review and turned it from a progressive Dem media site into a mouthpiece for the Clinton campaign. He also owns "Correct the Record," a Clinton SuperPAC. BNR published an article on Thursday claiming that Clinton is the real anti-establishment candidate because she's female, and Sanders is the establishment candidate because he's a white male. (No, I did not read that on The Onion - you can look it up!) They followed that up Friday by going so disingenuously far as to "endorse" Clinton! Brock also happens to be gay and I wouldn't be surprised to find that he was a big financial supporter of HRC.