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Jim Hightower

We've got a new darling in the GOP presidential race: Carly Fiorina!

Being the darling du jour, however, can be dicey – just ask Rick Perry and Scott Walker, two former darlings who're now out of the race, having turned into ugly ducklings by saying stupid things. But Fiorina is smart, sharp witted, and successful. We know this because she and her PR agents constantly tell us so. Be careful about believing anything she says, though, for Darling Fiorina is not only a relentless self-promoter, but also a remorseless liar.


A flagrant liar she is, but she's not that different from the rest of the Evil trolls who are running for the head of the Evil party.


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Yes, I thought he was going to itemize the lies in O's speech before the UN.


Up next: Planned Parenthood and Jimmy Dean Inc.: Video PROOF of their SAUSAGES FROM HELL!


if it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck and if it makes noise like a duck...what is it?


Remember the rental car commercial where the 2nd most popular car company says they have to try harder? When a Lady Macbeth type seeks the Oval Office, she has to try harder to show her bloodthirsty lust in order to be taken seriously as "commander in chief." This woman scares me. She looks like a man in drag, and her outrage at women's rights is such a sickening sell-out and means to winning the hearts of those who identify with the unborn fetus but think killing people with brown skin pleases "god."


If you cook it with oranges, it might be tasty?



Good analogy


hehehehe...once we tried the x-mas goose thingy and oh so much grease, all it did was slide all over the plate while trying to cut a hunk, geez...thanks for the humor...


A flagrant liar for president is just business as usual.


There is no brain harvesting! No one mentions that we have no way to utilize a brain removed from it's support system. This has never been done. We couldn't use what we would get.


A cruise missile? Because it sure as hell isn't an airplane.

Oops.... sorry. I meant, it's a duck.


News Flash!! James O'Keefe has just unearthed a video showing Obama, in full Nazi regalia, addressing a huge crowd at Nuremberg in 1933. Though the incongruity of a black Kenyan Muslim addressing 100000 of the Nazi faithful failed to arouse any suspicions, it is clear that it is Obama's head above that Nazi-clad body and that he is shouting at the crowd in perfect German. Brandishing the video before a small crowd of reporters, Iowa congressman Steve King called for Obama's immediate impeachment. Once again, the republican base is vindicated in its hate!


Well, being a flagrant liar, Carly Fiorina does have one qualification for POTUS !


very much worth a quick reminder of the trajectory of this woman. From the first paragraph of Wikipedia entry that barely scratches the surface:

In 2002, Fiorina oversaw the biggest high-tech merger in history up to that time, with rival computer company Compaq, which made HP the world's largest personal computer manufacturer. During Fiorina's tenure, HP laid off 30,000 U.S. employees.

By 2004, the number of HP employees was about the same as the pre-merger total of HP and Compaq combined, and that 2004 number included roughly 8,000 employees of other companies acquired by HP since 2001.[13][14][15]

On February 9, 2005, the HP board of directors forced Fiorina to resign as chief executive officer and chair due to declining stock value, disappointing earning reports, disagreements about the company's performance, and her resistance to transferring authority to division heads.[16][17][18]

After leaving HP, Fiorina served on the boards of several organizations.[19] She was an adviser to Republican John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign. She ran for the United States Senate in California in 2010 and won a three-person race for the Republican nomination, but lost the general election to incumbent Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer by 10 percentage points.


She keeps getting caught in her lies, too. Watched a news segment where she claimed to have brought HP out of financial chaos, but was countered by the fact that she was fired for incompetence and that HP only recovered after she left. Yet she still tried to salvage that by stating she "participated" in its recovery... But then, as other CD commentators have pointed out, she's no different from any of the other trolls running for office (or already there).


drone on man, drone on....

okay, it's all gallows humor from here on


On behalf of all evil trolls, I demand an apology for comparing us with those who are running for president under the Republican ticket.


Two "tokens" in the repug Klown Kar of Kandidates: Fiorina and Carson although they would be highly offended to be referred to as such. But, they are profiting financially whether they make it to the nomination or not. And there are two kandi-dates proffered to supposedly attract the Hispanic vote: Rubio and Cruz....ahahahahhhahh.