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Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/24/httpsotherwordsorgcan-party-lincoln-be-racist-absolutely

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That’s what the “R” stands for.


The party of Lincoln is definitely racist.
That’s why Low Energy Jeb can’t beat Bernie.

The author is quite right about Lincoln’s racist feelings through most of his life. But I think the man evolved a lot on this as his presidency progressed and after working a good deal with Frederick Douglass. His writings from late 1863 to his death in April, 1865 took a dramatically different tone.

Thanks Tracey. I hate the whitewashing of history that portrays Lincoln as the great white liberator of helpless Black folk. The people of Haiti

It is dishonest journalism to portray President Lincoln as comparable to the very few racists we have around today. Remember folks, the Democrats have to fabricate fake hate crimes almost on a weekly basis because of the lack of any real racism. Lincoln was a master politician and often said exactly what he needed to say to placate his audience in order to win. Much like the dishonest Democrats of today. Lincoln never thought the blacks of his day were his equal. But he looked at it in a practical way. The majority of blacks he encountered were completely uneducated. Many could barely talk in an understandable way. They were not his equal. If this author were honest she would have explained why Lincoln first thought it would be good for them to go back to Africa. Lincoln understood the hatred the white Democrats had for the black race. Remember folks it was only Democrats that owned slaves. Lincoln was a futuristic thinker and envisioned a future where the free blacks had to live side by side with their former white Democrat owners, and the future looked bleak. That is why he wanted to send them back. He thought that was where they belonged, where they should be. He thought it would be best for them. Fredrick Douglass helped Lincoln see that blacks were an integral part of America. Most were born here and helped build up this country. They did not want to leave. And the fact that an early group that was relocated to Hispaniola all died was another factor in changing the former President’s thoughts on the subject. President Trump’s tweets were not racist. It is all politics for the TDS suffering hate-filled Democrats. If you want to talk racism just listen to some of Omar’s and Thalib’s horrible rhetoric over the years about white people and deporting Trump because they did not agree with his views. Lincoln bore the brunt of 650,000 deaths in his campaign to free black men from bondage. In the end it killed him. I can think of no more noble endeavor. President Trump has been doing his best to fulfill his campaign promises and the Democrat hate him for it. The last thing they want to see is more blacks working and off the Democrat plantation. The Republican Party fought to free the slaves, It fought to get former slaves citizenship and the right to vote. Republicans fought the Democrat’s awful Jim Crow laws and segregation. President Trump and most Republicans are fighting hard for all Americans, unlike the divisive hate-filled Democrats, who live off of lies and race baiting. Abraham Lincoln was a great President. He was not perfect but then no one is perfect. President Trump is a great President. He is not perfect, but then no one is perfect. This was a horrible unneeded article from this very much hate-filled person.