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Hubris Unending

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/10/23/hubris-unending


Once composted, the entire Trump clan will make fine fertilizer.


Not sure how you can “give up” on something that you never even tried to tackle from its inception.

In some recent research for a friend which took me all over NYS (virtually) I read headline news in local papers in counties along the northernmost border of NY with Canada, of course. The numbers are increasing significantly.

Was talking to a friend in Manhattan and the scene she describes of significant numbers of empty apartments but they apparently are the wealthy who are fleeing and buying homes in other areas and working remotely. Here in Vermont, there seems to be a frenzy of new, mega houses being built. Any connection? You know these homes are not to house the homeless and the numbers are going up and so are suicide rates again. Do the capitalists care?


Oh I do not think anything can grow in that shit.


Note that the Lincoln Project is made up of Republicans, including some former officials, who are fed up with Trumpistan. They consider themselves true conservatives not the rapacious grifters like Trump, et. al., and McConnell and his merry gang of Constitutional trashers.

They realize they will never get a job in the GOP ever again; but unlike the present regime are patriots.


Love it. A fine skewering. Too bad this positively brilliant move is by Republicans.

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Why in hell are a bunch of disaffected Pugs doing the Dems’ work?

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Hi SuspiradeProfundis:
Possibly the Trump Poo will not do weII, —BUT they do eat the finest food ( weII except for Trump) so perhaps the merde of the Trumps could at some point their recycled Life they could become a few Useful Shits! Otherwise they are just taking up space on the pIanet! : )

Dear Abby…I have no comment regarding the article, you have I think, presented a perfectly informed and balanced editorial. No, I am writing because I have never missed a single of your entries, and wish to have your babies.

The answer is NO. Many of them are doing quite well nowadays.