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Huckabee Sanders Says "Only If Your Mind Is in the Gutter" Could You Think Trump's Attack on Gillibrand Contained Sexual Innuendo


Huckabee Sanders Says "Only If Your Mind Is in the Gutter" Could You Think Trump's Attack on Gillibrand Contained Sexual Innuendo

Common Dreams staff

White House press secretary offered this defense of the president's tweet aimed at the Democratic Senator from New York


This fat piece of crap ( Huckabee) is nothing but a bigoted white nationalist .




Spoken like a tried and true guttersnipe (Urban dictionary: 1) A woman of poor moral values or reputation 2) a woman known to have sex with random unknown men.

Sorry Heck-If-I-Know Panders.


Christ. The bigger issue here is that we are even HAVING this conversation in the first place, about the person sitting in the Oval Office. The fat orange fuck that is currently squatting there has so demeaned, so smeared, so belittled the once-honorable office of President that it is hard to believe that some of us once respected it. I remember as a younger person being genuinely in awe of the office (if not necessarily agreeing with the inhabitants). The dignity and honor that I always used to associate with that office is GONE - utterly and completely.

No dignity. No honor. No respect. No class. Trump is a fucking baboon and daily shits on the once proud office and - by proxy - this nation. Every one of his appointees, and every Republican in office who supports him, and every piece of shit American who supports him are all complicit.

I am ashamed to be an American.


Hey we likely be getting a literal child molester elected in the coming hours. Nothing surprises me at this point though it still does outrage. And yes I am also ashamed to be an American.


I love what America says it is; but am thoroughly ashamed of what Amerika really is!


Sarah Sanders would have been the perfect, Nazi, concentration, camp boss in Nazi Germany.


Just think, When Trump goes, so does his Lying press secretary.


She’s the mouthpiece of the fascist cabal currently in the WH…What does that make her…??


Sarah “Huckleberry Finn” Sanders, wouldn’t recognize sexual innuendo if it was staring her right in the face.

Of course, she’s being paid to lie about everything that negatively impacts the Sexual Predator-in-Chump.


She’s got “Guantanamo” written all over her face…


If a man says that a particular woman went to him ‘begging’ for money, and adds that she ‘would do anything’ for it, I think 100% of his listeners will draw the inference that a sexual innuendo is intended. No, the minds of this 100% of listeners are not in the gutter, and they would be incensed by this slur.

That this sexual innuendo attack was levied against a woman United States Senator by the President of the United States makes me sick.


This woman was chosen for her ability to speak with a forked tongue, evidently. It couldn’t be for her ability to think on her feet, since snakes don’t have them.
My guess is she can limbo while handling snakes. How low she can go is anybody’s guess.


This is the bad Sanders.


Or if you listened to his p… tape. He set the stage we didn’t.


Me three! Nixon was better than this!


And this is why women are struggling today to voice their outrage–because there will always be some low-class ignorant needy dishonest sister to slap her down and tell her to shut up --no negative thoughts about men allowed.


Remember when Martha Mitchell turned in her crook husband Atty Gen John Mitchell

Nixon said “If it hadn’t been for Martha Mitchell, there’d have been no Watergate."

Now that was a Strong Woman


I well remember Martha Mitchell. There were many other strong courageous women in the early '70s. Rep. Barbara Jordan was one. Things looked hopeful in those days, before the backlash of the Reagan era, which led to the horrible situation is which we now find ourselves. The women of our nation, of all colors and creeds, have the potential to save us, IF they are ever fully free and equal. Legislative bodies at all levels should exist in the same proportion as the populations that they represent. That means at least 50% Female!

The systems of “Good Ol’ Boy” control in Politics, Business, Religion, Academia and all else need to die!