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Huckabee Sanders Should Resign, Critics Say, After 'Orwellian' Distribution of Doctored Video


Huckabee Sanders Should Resign, Critics Say, After 'Orwellian' Distribution of Doctored Video

Julia Conley, staff writer

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee is facing demands she resign on Thursday after her "Orwellian" attempt to alter reality by sharing a


Such a well-done Stalinist move. Just like the old days. I particularly like how they made the intern’s aggression his fault. Very clever switcheroo.
Now what the press needs to do is stop attend these so-called press conferences. They’re nothing but bull sessions that are absolutely meaningless. Stop attending and feeding his ego. Don’t even go to any announcements in the Rose Garden or Oval Office or anywhere he is. Let butt-licking Fox “News” handle that. The press needs to concentrate on the damage his minions are doing to the country through HHS, Interior Office, etc.
Stop attending the press conferences, you fools!


I say you are right on. Stop showing up to be lied to and be charged with falsehoods. Ban together and actually make up fake news if you are going to be charged with it anyway. Call the son of a bitch out for the liar he is every night on prime time news hour for a full week and ask him how he likes REAL fake news.


I agree, but what is important to the MSM is that, not that these are bull sessions; but great BS sessions for ratings!


The intern assaulted Acosta by the technical definition of an unwanted touching (his attempt to hang onto the mic is at worst self-defense). And, as she was acting as Trump’s agent in the matter, her assault can be imputed to him; his command to her could, with reasonable foreseeability, have been expected to produce an unwanted touching. So Trump has committed an assault. Acosta, please file a criminal complaint. :wink:

Note that this event is distinguishable from the many times that Trump has told supporters to beat up a protester (or such) in that here the intern is formally within the White House, under Trump in the chain of command, so officially his agent.

Generally, one can file charges for police brutality. Here the government has made an unwanted touching. What’s the difference, other than the size of the bruise?


Agreed. Acosta was attacked, not the other way around. That is clear in both “versions” of the video. I think he should file charges immediately and against trump, himself, since she was acting on his behalf.


You know folks, it may come down to millions of us descending on Washington DC and dragging these subhumans out on their a$$es.

They gotta go!


There’s millions of them though, with guns.


Don’t go Genghis Khan on us KC.


This little snot clearly took Acosta’s mic from him


Decades ago I along with hundreds of thousands protested against the Viet Nam War in DC-


She even looked like a priveledged little snot.


My friends and I were there with you Mealouts.


Actually, I think the problem is straight reporters playing by the old rules, while editors and news networks allow the president and the state press, FOX News, become national copy editors. How many damn stories about the caravan were promoted the in last two weeks, only to disappear the day after the election? If journalists actually reported on the obvious propaganda as propaganda instead of participating in it, that would make a huge difference.


Well, you are the observant one. And the same thing happened recently with MSNBC and the Russia investigation. After months of 24/7 coverage, the coverage completely disappeared overnight. I forget now what the new holy grail was but it made made open my eyes to strangeness of coverage and the real level of importance.


I found our marines. (attack on maracco) vimeo


Hello Julia Conley and Everyone, I believe that Sarah Fuckabee Salanders not only needs to resign but to use the only part of her “anatomy” that she is qualified to use? Her new occupation is to clean cesspools by diving in and opening up her mouth! When she finishes the first then it is on to the second and repeating the process until she assumes room temperature and her big boss gets her back down to the fiery furnace of Hell!!!


I think they should show up. Instead of asking questions, just stare at him or her and only stare. Do it for a week with video put up on the net. Even if they say one thing, just eyes starting back.


Hello mealouts, That was when the government cared about bad press. Not this scum. They want the bad and the ugly to be a part of the story. I feel sure that in the future they will escalate the problem and eventually maim one or more of the people in the room!


The US came up with infotainment which is what I think the cable TV news stations are putting on, even those like CNN and MSNBC that try to get the facts straight. Actually compared with Russia things are not that bad here. In Russia there is nothing but infotainment for news on TV and it is propaganda all the time. At least viewers here can watch C-SPAN or C-SPAN 2 and the PBS stations and even the six-thirty evening network news on CBS, NBC, and ABC to find an alternative to infotainment.