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Huckabee Sanders Should Resign, Critics Say, After 'Orwellian' Distribution of Doctored Video


It gets a bit tricky when you and a few fellow soldiers having returned from Vietnam had time to serve yet would pull our duty during the week at Ft. Lewis and do the concerts and protests in Seattle on weekends.


I love this one! Show up and stare


After the first time I saw the video of Acosta asking the question and Trump bing flustered by him, I then watched Trump. When he saw that Acosta had succeeded in keeping the microphone, he was fuming. He got so angry, he walked away from the lectern and was signaling all around to plants to get that microphone away from him now. And then he returned to the microphone and started pointing his fingering and accusing him of being rude but he was out of control. His eyes were black with rage. He could barely contain himself. He really wanted to reach out and slug Acosta, just like he encourages his base to act, because that’s him, after all. He is cornered and he knows it. He does not believe in losing. This is very dangerous.




Oops on the large caps. Too tired to change.


Little White House intern daring to invade Acosta’s personal space.
I guess she had it coming, huh?


For the doctored video, I’d very much think that all of the press should avoid the White
House until the reporter is allowed back in.

If Trump doesn’t want to answer questions, why have a press conference?
Trump might just as well “take the 5th” and reject the questions he doesn’t like or can’t afford
to answer.


Think we all start walking towards DC and chanting – and those who get there first continue
to chant and stand waiting in various DC locations for the resignations.


The WH video doesn’t show anything that is not present in the original. Acosta pushed down on her arm as she tried to get the mike to give to the next reporter (after using his body to block her from taking the mike). This article completely ignores the fact that Acosta asked his question had a back & forth with Trump and was out of line by trying to bring up another subject and not relinquishing the mike so another reporter could ask questions.

Pulling his credentials is not an attack on the 1st amendment, it is a reasonable punishment for a reporter who crossed the line.


I agree with the infotainment comment, it is all about he ratings. But CNN & MSNBC “try to get the facts straight”, those two are more partisan than Fox and routinely leave out pesky background facts.


There must be a way for a roomful of smart First Amendment reporters to nail this WH to the wall. If this shameful descent into darkness can motivate some of them to resume their traditional, honorable role as our foil against those in power, Acosta will go down in history as providing the pivot.


My husband did his basic training at Ft. Lewis!


Yes, it is time for a strike!


You probably didn’t like Sam Donaldson either. Your assertions are ridiculous and really don’t deserve a response.


He is a danger to the US, the world and probably to himself. Is he really human?


Which assertions? , that the original video shows Acosta making contact while refusing to yield the mike, or that he should be punished for it?

And I don’t have much of an opinion on Sam Donaldson either way.


Ian –

Agree –

and will take this opportunity to report again that in “Dark Money” - PBS/10/1/18
we learn that the GOP is having trouble with their members who seem to be rebelling against
carrying out all of the right wing agenda – in fact the GOP has labeled them “squishy” and has
committed now to recruiting “ULTRA” right wingers to replace them, as explained in the program.

Features of their future plans include Town Hall Meetings where no citizens can speak.

What seems to be happening is that things are smelling so much like fascism in the GOP that
many of their reps who have been cooperating with them to do their dirty work may have had
enough. Not something we can count on – but a possibility to think about.


What will happen if Trumpanzees get a belly full of their savior? Please get the nuclear football away from Trump.
He is likely to throw a fit and kill us all.