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HUD Official to Move into Public Housing?


HUD Official to Move into Public Housing?

Laura Flanders

The federal housing official responsible for the New York City region says she plans to move into public housing to spotlight inhumane conditions, but if she really wanted to spotlight inhumanity in housing, she’d move big money out of precious city housing stock.

Longtime Trump aid Lynne Patton told the press recently that she intends to move out of Trump Plaza, where she lives, and into public housing to cast a spotlight on the inhumane conditions in which some city residents live.


A ‘pied-a-terre’ tax sounds like something Ms. Cortez could swing in NY. Talk about a test on walking the walk!


Let her get on the waiting list for an apartment! I know this is just a stunt but having had to be on one and in the meanwhile pay over 50% of my SS income on rent while waiting, it pushed a button for me. She is not gonna learn a thing. Probably will have 24/7 security around her.


I hope the press will be on hand to monitor this apartment and her comings and goings–what creature comforts will she install for the duration of her stay? Will it be in a building that is the “best” of the “worst”? What else goes on in the building–who will be her neighbors? What issues do they have?

I suspect this will be a publicity stunt, with the planned ‘outcome’ being, “Things are really not that bad!”