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Huge Counter-Protests Overwhelm Defund Planned Parenthood Rallies


Huge Counter-Protests Overwhelm Defund Planned Parenthood Rallies

Common Dreams staff

Anti-abortion groups called for demonstrations at more than 200 Planned Parenthood locations throughout the United States on Saturday to pressure President Donald Trump to strip the women's health provider of federal funding.

Then, Planned Parenthood supporters got organized.

And the response has been massive: Hundreds of different counter-demonstrations, large, small and in between, were held across the country Saturday - overwhelming the anti-choice rallies. Similar reports are coming in from all around the country.


took the likes of trump and his nazis to bring americans together at long last. let's build a new party and march on to make this country the place humanity would love to live in. go for it now while we still can. peace and love folks.


Value of a DIY pink pussyhat? Under $2 bucks.
Value of a sea of people in pink pussyhats? Priceless.


It's sure beginning to look like if we are going to bring democracy back to the U.S. , it's going to be because of Women Power.
As a 66 year old guy, I'm with you 100%.


Count me in kikiki5! Those unable to go to a demonstration can express themselves by sending PP whatever amount is comfortable.
This is important! You know Tom Price will try to destroy them!


If anyone is opposed to abortion they need not get one, men included--oh, especially the anti-abortion men. Then, of course, one would think you will come out in strong support in ending all wars and capital punishment.

To support Planned Parenthood:


Thank you.


I guess Drumpf will be investigating these "fake news" photos next. He really can't stand it when "his" crowds mirror the size of his own hands.


And you know that how?


The irony of the "De-Fund Planned Parenthood" movement is that, if successful, they would increase the number of unplanned pregnancies and increase the actual number of abortions. The abortion rate has dropped as a result of the health services offered by Planned Parenthood, not to mention the health benefits of proper medical care offered by PP.


What I don't understand is why the anti people also oppose contraception. (By people I mean men.) Do all these guys want their one night stands, girlfriends, fiancees, sisters, cousins, nieces, wives and (gulp) mothers getting pregnant all over the place? Can a troll please explain this to me?


Well, from what I've heard in my little red area of the world, it comes down to another "those people" issue. As a guy I work with put it, why should he have to pay for women to "screw around?" If he has to buy condoms, why shouldn't women have to buy birth control? You can start talking about how easier access means less single mothers, unwanted children, less impact on the system, but it won't matter, trust me.

I actually had a colleague, a woman no less, tell me she didn't care because limiting birth control and abortion wouldn't affect her. You see, she's in liberal California. In her mind, she could safely vote Republican because Democrats run the state. Don't even ask me how you reconcile the thought.




He doesn't. He's a mindless troll.


The Catholics spread their religion historically by increasing their population. Thus, no masturbation, no birth control, no abortion. When I was a kid, there were jokes about the size of Catholic families. Five kids? They must be Catholic.

You see this attitude on the border of Indian and Pakistan, where Muslim and Hindu populations are at parity, and each side is trying to become the majority. I was at a temple meeting in Houston, Texas once when a priest spoke passionately about the importance of India nationals returning to India and having large families. This also is done in other areas of the world with contested rule.

I believe after Mao's revolution,
Mao asked his country people to all have large families. I read somewhere that it was Nixon who talked to him about the need to control China's population in order to have a more prosperous country. And he did it, his way. Folks say he went a little too far. ..
New ideas, created in a vacuum, sometimes have unanticipated results.


Correct, but your assumption seems to be that these movements, "De-Fund Planned Parenthood" for example, are based on rational thinking. Nothing is further from the truth.


We need to make sure that for every rally/protest the right sets up, we have a counter gathering to show the numbers are really on our side on every policy issue.


"Thou shalt not mess with women's reproductive rights!
Fallopians 4:28" - BRILLIANT!

The "religious" opponents of a women's control of their own bodies ends when the "sacred" child is born, then the abject neglect takes precedence - neonatal care, later health care, education, homelessness, deportations, environmental protections for families (clean air & water) and a sustainable future! All thrown in the garbage after birth! Political and religious hypocrites that understand only a vague shadow of true religious teachings!

ALL those postpartum critical aspects of a child are forgotten/ignored by the political opportunists and "religious" brainwashed ("a light rinse is usually sufficient" - Gene McCarthy) and the mother/family left adrift in a sea of capitalist corporate/banker greed and usury!


Watching the ABC news crawler this morning got the impression that anti Planned Parenthood protests were on par (size wise) with the counter protests. Gil Scott-Heron was so right.


Because: Catholics.