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Huge Crowd Marches on White House to Protest Trump's Global Gag Rule


Huge Crowd Marches on White House to Protest Trump's Global Gag Rule

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Hundreds of women marched in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, protesting President Donald Trump's reinstatement of the so-called "global gag rule"—a "failed, deadly policy" they say "threatens access to safe abortion and other basic healthcare for millions of people around the world."


It is blackmail by the patriarchal society rulers that hate women. Our current so-called "prez" certainly hates them, but apparently not enough for his supporters.


This is a continuation of the ancient assault on, and attempted total annihilation of the Sacred Feminine. The church destroyed the female Earth religions and substituted exclusively male dominated Christianity, exterminating 5 million women of wisdom and teachings in the process. We now must rebuild and restore the balance, the Sacred Feminine and respect for our Mother Earth.
The overthrow of the astonishingly ignorant, depraved, and arrogant trump regime and its assault on women (among many others) and our Mother Earth - Gaia - is a great place to begin and restore balance.


Gratitude to sisters everywhere having chosen to incarnate in this era and engage the struggle for unity and inclusion. Backing many smiles under adversity is recognition of the old truism that the darkeness in shuttered closet does not pour out when the door is opened, but the light from outside floods in.

Let the light flood in!


Although the Murkin Taliban Party occupies the White House and controls both houses of Congress, progressives can indeed put obstacles in the way of their sinister Taliban agenda by "letting the light shine in" wherever these rats congregate or hide.


Your parallels between the War on Women and Gaia are perfect. Really--the two cannot be separated. What we do to Mother Earth, we do to ourselves. Thanks for the link.

One thing we often neglect is how patriarchal rule of Christendom influenced/influences language. i.e. The word "vagina" is Latin for "a sword's sheath". Leave it to men/religion to equate human procreative biology to weapons of war.


"What's in out hearts goes out to the world. That's power." -- Pearl Means