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Huge Earthquake Kills Hundreds in Nepal; Sparks Massive Mt. Everest Avalanche


Huge Earthquake Kills Hundreds in Nepal; Sparks Massive Mt. Everest Avalanche

Common Dreams staff

A powerful earthquake that struck central Nepal overnight has devastated populated areas across the Himayalan region, causing buildings to crumble and killing hundreds of people.


Gaia is not amused.


Oh please. As if a planet has consciousness and is now dishing out retribution for the sins of humanity.

Also why does the planet have to be female? What? Where? HUH?


I can’t wait to hear CD commenters blame this on the United States, corporations and agribusiness. Oh and Big Pharma. And chem trails.


Interesting that the Cern Accelerator was fired up exactly two hours before the earthquake took place.


Not that this situation is not terrible, but the first picture appears to be Photoshopped. Notice the girls hands, one is white the other is black and smaller and the red “blood” on her head.


Of course the death of a google executive is the main tragedy.


It has absolutely nothing concievably possible to do with it. Nepal sits astride the most intense site of continental-collision tectonics since the Appalachian Orogeny about 320 million years ago - so of course it is subject to powerful earthquakes.

Looks like you are trying to confirm what the right wing trolls above wrote about the US left.


It looks like a red square to me - some kind of Hindu forehead mark? And the dark back of her left hand may be Henna? (Nepalis are Hindu - or did you know that?) At any rate does the important parts of the picture - rubble - the clearly dust covered man, suggest photoshopping? Why would one photoshop such a photo?


Yes, anyone who questions the logic of the commentators on here is a right wing troll.

There is no in between. You either believe everything totally, or you’re a right wing troll.

Science is ignored. What matters is blaming the right people so you fit into the group.


Yes, fracking in Oklahoma caused an earthquake in Nepal!

LOL! Oh, the lack of science education. Sometimes it really show.


And the Cern Accelerator? Really? Seriously? Are you familiar with geography at all?

A subatomic particle travelled all that way and caused an earthquake! LOL

Oh dear. We do need science to be funded in our schools.


The link between global warming and tectonic activity (both earthquakes and volcanic eruptions) is an active area of serious scientific research. See Melting Ice Sheets Can Cause Earthquakes, Study Finds.

Underneath Earth’s hard crust is a malleable mantle. When the immense gravitational pressure of ice sheets is lightened, the very shape of the planet changes - like unsquishing a big rubber ball. The only uncertainties would be the weight, distance, and temporal scales involved. There’s no question that changing the Earth’s shape will aggravate its tectonic plates.


Thanks as always for your efforts to remain clear-eyed and focused. What a thread!


Yes, the unloading of glaciers can be the source of earthquakes - it has been posited that unloading from the melting and unloading of the Pleistocene icecap is a contributing factor for the reactivation of the faults that form the Ottawa valley graben in ON and QB. There are also hypotheses that release of strain energy from Pleistocene glacial unloading may have contributed to activity in the New Madrid Seismic Zone too.

But to attribute any current-day earthquakes to AGW is, to put it it politely, pretty dubious.


It’s completely untenable to eliminate AGW as a possible factor, when we know that the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are losing mass very quickly. Research shows it has happened before. The main distinction between previous episodes and today is the probably unprecedented pace of ice sheet mass loss today. Explain how a more rapid loss of mass could be less likely to cause tectonic disturbance.


Aren’t you the person that always down plays the Fukushima disaster? If your answer is yes, do you think I believe anything you have to say?


Move on disinformation troll there’s nothing to discuss with you.


Nepal is nowhere near Greenland or Antarctica - and while they are losing some ice in places, it is nothing compared to the melting that happened at the close of the Pleistocene. In particular, compared to the huge overthrust faults that are shoving Nepal and Szechuan Province under the Tibetan Plateau, and pushing up the Himalayas, the forces from the weight of melting ice in the Himalayas is insignificant. It is pseudoscientific hooey like that this that makes a laughingstock of the left and confirms the conspiracy theories on the right that AGW is just a socialist plot.

To blame an earthquake in one of the most tectonically active areas of the earth where large earthquakes are fully expected on AGW is nonsense.


AN did not “blame an earthquake in one of the most tectonically active areas of the earth where large earthquakes are expected on AGW.”

They noted, in the context of a thread in which people were flinging assertions about the impossibility that AGW could have anything to do with earthquakes, that actually AGW certainly has some impact on plate tectonics.

You’re asserting something similar to the “You can’t blame any particular storm on AGW” assertion. There’s more empirical correlation between AGW and the occurrence of storms than between AGW and the occurrence of earthquakes. But shifts in water alter the shape of the earth, and effect some change in tectonic activity. So as AN asserted: “It’s completely untenable to eliminate AGW as a possible factor…”

Say what you will. But if you assert that they “blame an earthquake… on AGW” you are asserting something that is not true.