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Huge Leap in Number of Facebook Users 'Very Concerned' About Invasion of Privacy on Social Media Site


Huge Leap in Number of Facebook Users 'Very Concerned' About Invasion of Privacy on Social Media Site

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

On the heels of Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg's two-day congressional testimony to address the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the company's failure to protect users' personal data, n


The headline suggests the solution to this problem: a “Huge Drop in Number of Facebook Users.”


I am so sick of business people and big monied interests activities to manipulate and control us. Zuckerberg talks about his idealism to connect all of us world wide. Based on Facebooks culpability in providing a platform for foreign agents to propagandize us, I think he’s full of s**t and just rationalizing his behavior. He is like Trump in the sense that all he seems to really care about is accumulating as much wealth as possible at your expense and mine with little to no awareness of the harm he causes.


Don’t get concerned, get the Hell off Facebook.


Giving up privacy to get something for free has become the social norm in the US. Maybe this problem with Facebook will be the beginning of a process that creates a new social norm where protecting privacy becomes a high priority and the real price of freebies is seen as too high.


After watching clips of his testimony, it was clear he thought the whole process was a game. What would people expect, lies from a thief. Why anyone would still be on facebook is beyond me.
I do understand people want to connect with family and friends, so they need a hero, someone with money to start another model that will protect peoples data at all cost.


Facebook collects more data than you would think and Google even more.


Anyone who has an email or uses the internet in any way no longer has any privacy. This story suggests millions are suddenly unaware that the CIA and any of the 3 letter agencies have access to their private information.