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Huge March Against 'Pick-Pocket' Austerity Met with Police Violence in Brussels

Huge March Against 'Pick-Pocket' Austerity Met with Police Violence in Brussels

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Anti-austerity protests in Belgium on Wednesday drew tens of thousands of demonstrators—some of whom clashed with police and were sprayed by water cannons —as they marched through Brussels demanding an end to new measures which they say unfairly target workers and favor corporations.

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Thank you Nadia, or whoever wrote the headline for not repeating the MSM’s obfuscating “Tens of Thousands”.


oops, wrote too soon! I was so excited to not see it in the headline, I overlooked the opening sentence and there it is!

Anti-austerity protests in Belgium on Wednesday drew tens of thousands of demonstrators…

Later in the article…

Wednesday’s rally reportedly drew from 80,000 to 100,000 people—making
it one of Belgium’s biggest demonstrations since World War II.

Since “tens of thousands” could be 20,000 or even 500,000, what exactly is the point or purpose of this?

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There is a global push by right-wing and corporate stooges to limit rights people around the world have been fighting for for centuries. “Austerity” pushed by governments to support banker parasites on nations is only part of the hydra of global corporate fascism and rule by the .01%. The beneficiaries of this global fascism are the uber-wealthy, the corporations their vast stolen wealth has bought, and the shadow organizations of the principles. Continuing and enlarging wage and interest slavery of the worlds peoples creates steady wealth taken from societies via numerous devious mechanisms; the latest batch of “free-trade” deals are focused on this effort and only use “trade” as a ploy. I watched some of the talking heads who spoke of a 'level playing field" for national trade, but they didn’t speak a word of the majority of chapters in these deals that seek to secure corporate domination NOT trade! TTP, TTIP, TISA, WTO, NAFTA all are mechanisms of domination of the few over the many!


When are we going to do this here? It’s not like we have no history of doing such things -Chicago 1968, Seattle 1999 and DC numerous times - why the total collapse of any organized street actions now?

And no. Bernie-partys in posh homes in the leafy liberal neighborhoods are no substitute.



Recall Occupy Wall Street’s (OWS) actions during autumn 2011. By Spring 2012 the Obama Administration criminalized everything OWS had done, yet Obama was re-elected later that year. Murka and Murkins = hostile venue for the 99% to demand accountability from the 1%.


Stop shilling for Hillary and pretending that you are one of us. Bernie is the first politician to be one of us, to be out in the streets marching alongside of us. Somehow for all your posing, I doubt you were there half as many times as was Bernie (if you were there at all).


Think about all those progressives and lefties who don’t vote and then add all those regular folks who don’t vote and then you end up with all those rightwingnut voters having a lot more influence on who gets elected than their numbers deserve. Sure people are more liberal than their governments but they don’t vote and the right wing DOES. People who tell us to not vote or to vote for any number of can’t win symbolic candidates play into the right wing game. The conservatives vote (and the rightwing cheats too… evidently it is a winning combination).

I think people around the world will wake up one day soon and be shocked at just how much democracy they have lost since Bush/Cheney set the ball rolling.

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Kind of a cheap shot don’t you think, given it is absolutely clear that Berni Sanders is sincere about helping out people who don’t live in posh neighborhoods.

I’ve been outspoken on what I consider Bernie’s shortcomings but your snide remark insinuates something patently unfair regarding Sander’s positions.

As to your question. I think the brutal crackdown on OWS, ubiquitous police brutality, mass surveillance might have something to do with it.


Ditto and Amen.

Take this comment to bed and sleep on it everybody.

Painful as it often may be-- just vote. And if the candidate doesn’t meet your degree of perfection, then who is stopping you from running, damn it.


It is becoming increasingly obvious that there is a world wide push to corporatize our civilization. Part and parcel with that is a growing imposition of corporate rule - a forerunner to corporate fascism. It is no coincidence that data mining and the total surveillance state is corporate. The laws are circumvented by allowing corporations to invade our privacy and track us and surveil us where the government needs a warrant to do the same thing. Odd how that just sort of happened these last ten or so years huh?

People need to speak up by voting because their silence (by not voting) is destroying their own way of life. In effect people who do not vote are acquiescing to corporate takeover of their own governments.

How long ago did we bail out the banks with 17 trillion dollars? How long ago? Austerity followed on that real quick didn’t it? Was that coincidence?

I’m a leftie who does vote, but believes it’s nowhere near enough. Obama himself said that change won’t come from Washington, but from the American people. We need more raucous demonstrations, strikes, consciousness raising, and above all, organizing. We need a whole lot more politically aware people politically involved. Politicians can’t be trusted to do the right thing unless the people are breathing down their necks.


I agree with you 100%. Been there done that wish I were young because I’d do it again. (okay maybe not so much the consciousness raising - I was impatient and too full of energy to sit around and join study groups and sing alongs …lol… always wanted to be ‘out there in the streets’ but the raucous demonstrations (my fav…lol), strikes, and organizing (I have stuffed envelopes with the best of em and tried to get out of it constantly with many of the same people I might add… God bless em all), you betcha!

People everywhere are waking up to a danger that is overtaking them while all eyes are distracted by war and terrorism. Corporate fascists are on the march and they’ve accomplished so much already towards taking control. It looks like corporations want to make it impossible for governments to stop what they are doing so that if a law is passed preventing the use of some pesticide then the corporations can keep even the government from stopping them from using it. The same thing with GMO foods and whatever!

Raucous demonstrations…sigh… now I am feeling nostalgic… lol. It was hairier at the time though …lol


Just remember, the 0.001%, the Oilagarchy, the Troika, world-wide are just a bunch of Robinhoods Robbin’ Hoods, who believe whole-heartedly in the dictum, “Rob from the poor, give to the rich!”

  • Unfortunately, they’ve bought the cops, the politicians, the jurists, around the world to enforce this dictum.
  • I still feel that six billion against a hundred or so should be able to turn this around, one way or the other.
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People over there are less compliant than we are over here. We’ve bought into the whole corporate leaders baloney but Reagan gave us austerity a long time ago and now we face oligarchy. Then we got outsourced and foreclosed on and our pensions taken away and so forth. We have endured our austerity and now Europe is facing theirs. I think they are more a free people than we are these days. Our leaders have made us weak since they equate military might with strength instead of supporting a free people (as strength like it used to be).

I think the Europeans fighting back is a good sign… we gave the rich two trillion in tax cuts and did nothing. The question is what the hell happened to us? We’ve become wimpy as a people.

Bernie is a good sign on this side of the Atlantic. We still have a chance to be a free people yet since Bernie openly fights the oligarchy. People will support him in this if he can win.

Go Bernie… for all of us!

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Actually, I have been in the street in protests and engaging in direct action too many times to count between 1998 and the present. Change happens there, not in the US’s utterly corrupt electoral system - although in that area I have engaged in Green party ballot signature gathering for Green candidates a fair number of times too.

I’m sure you are one of the kind of Democrats who would have worked for the convicted and imprisoned State Rep. Veon who embezzled public funds to scrape-off Green ballot-access signatures in the “Bonusgate” scandal (search-engine the terms “Green Party Bonusgate” or “Ralph Nader Bonusgate”) - a scandal where the utterly corrupt Democrats used every trick in the book under the profoundly undemocratic Pennsylvania ballot-access process - only to have their rabid anti-Green zeal backfire on them through the bonusgate which led to compete Republican landslide takeover of Harrisburg the following election. The lesson for Democrats? Attack the Greens, lose to the Republicans! Oddly, the Republicans never challenge their somewhat larger “spoilers” the (so-called) Libertarian Party - and they never have trouble winning elections…

Celebrity worship over Chardonnay and Brie is not activism.

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I should have known. You mention 1968 as if you had some activist connection ( maybe in your fantasies) when most likely you weren’t even born yet. 1998? Well so much has happened since then I suppose …lol. Your phony drama is you in spades.

Well there you go… your revolution is the Green Party and a formidable one that is too. The Greens are such a threat you know. The established order quakes at their very name being mentioned.

Anything else? Lol… and you gathered signatures for a Green Party ballot. How valiant and courageous you were. Awesome! lol

You really do think gathering signatures for the Green Party is being an activist huh? You really should get over yourself. Seriously you really should.

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C’mon brother there’s still fight in our old bodies yet! I was in Zucotti Park in NYC when Occupy was still there and marched with them the several times thay called us out - very energizing boogyin along with the street bands. Last years Climate March was brilliant, hundreds of thousands in the streets from many different demographics. In the early '60’s we were in DC a few times protesting the Vietnam War and gettin rowdy - wall to wall people & wall to wall pigs. “Grey Panthers” style is what we are now, but I wouldn’t belong to any group that would have me as a member…We just gotta be there when called. Financial/banker parasites, warmongers/profiteers, environmental rapists, corporate thieves, political whores, there’s a lot to call BS on and fight. Problem is we are not called-out nearly enough by our “leader” groups and sometimes gettin into a city from the boonies is a problem… The great betrayal is from the young-idiot generations who have lost something very precious and seem oblivious to what is happening…just tune into that smart phone and take some selfies…pathetic insipid vapid and don’t even know what a moral compass is…but I digress…

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There is plenty of fight left but it ain’t in my body. Sigh!

I came, I saw, I said ‘WTF?’

I read the younglings these days and I realize they don’t know what they are losing. We took it for granted when the WW2 vets would talk about defending democracy from the Nazis and the Imperial Japanese. We took it for granted when Goldwater republicans went on and on about sticking to the constitution. We took it for granted when republicans quizzed Nixon officials about watergate (and complained about how they went easy) and after Nixon… we took it for granted that it was all the establishment man and we dropped out and dropped in but wore Earth shoes and cut our hair.

A couple of grown kids later and soc sec checks in the mail and we said … lemme see what’s happening? That Bush was a real boob and Cheney played Svengali and we get attacked and so Bush gives two trillion in tax cuts to the rich… and then it just got worse!

Our sixties generation knew right then and there that we f’d up big time. We dropped out and dropped the ball at the same time.

Looking around our generation asked "Say? How can you not teach the kids civics class? How will they know how the country works or about the constitution? The Bill of Rights does not say that you have the right to remain silent and everything you say can be used against you in a court of law. WTF happened?

They’ve got great toys and TV like you would’t believe, download and watch movies at home, twiddle and tweet, Facebook/comic book lives and nobody knows nuttin’ no more.

I’m hoping the Europeans have more oomph left than we do. We’ve punked out big time. I think it might take something huge like climate change to shake us out of our lethargy. But just maybe if we see the Europeans fighting and speaking truth to power then maybe…just maybe?

Meanwhile, I ask you old coots and cootessas to speak of when we believed we had the RIGHT to be free, to not be tracked and watched from cradle to grave, to have a private conversation, to get rowdy and raucous, to be a free people and not a self censored frightened people like we are becoming.

I was lucky, I came of age when we were yet free. I can’t imagine what I would feel to be young now and contemplate 50 years of surveillance ahead.

Emphyrio we ain’t what we used to be and maybe we never were what we thought we were but even so we still wanted to be free and wanted others to be free. Occupy shows that we could be a free people again. The support is still there but time is running out.

This time the revolution will be televised (online)

because the Constitution is being privatized

Ain’t no time to be so civilized

when freedom itself is being demonized.

I swear Emphyrio that I want to see Bernie become president. I truly believe America will start back on the right road again if that happens. No he ain’t perfect but he’s actually better than most of what we got as far as politicians go…lol. Bernie’s a sixties version of a politician and it took this long believe it or not for such a person to have a chance.

If he doesn’t make it… then I pity the young for the future they will have that will be so different from the future that they should have had.