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Huge Military Budgets Make Us Broke, Not Safe


Huge Military Budgets Make Us Broke, Not Safe

Miriam Pemberton

We’re all tense. Hearing about our fellow citizens in Hawaii scrambling around, looking for a place to hide from a nuclear bomb, will do that to you. So will contests between two unstable world leaders over the size of their nuclear buttons.

Now, some politicians say they’ll protect us by adding massive amounts to the Pentagon budget. This seems like a no-brainer: feel threatened, give more money to the military. But it isn’t.


Thank you MS. Pemberton, well said.


While there is much verbiage here about “the military budget” and “waste,” there is absolutely no discussion about what the U.S. military actually does. The U.S. military and its mercenaries are hired guns for global capitalist imperial ventures: i.e. control/and or occupy the world to steal lands, resources and labor. That is why there are U.S. bases in nearly every nation on Earth. How far has IPS fallen to be afraid to discuss basic imperial reality. This is not what Ronni Moffitt died for.


The surest route to a secure future is to replace the Pentagon with a Department of Peace.


I wish I know how many millionaires have been created as a result of military spending! Surely one reason for the extreme inequality in this country is military spending.


Lately, what the military does is salivate over more opportunities to engage in multi-generational quagmires in the mideast.

They have their open-ended invitations to get involved in more of them: The GWOT, Israel/KSA needing protection, oil.

So the gravy train is going to roll right on time on bi-partisan tracks.


As the widow of a career USAF Officer, the mother of a retired career USAF NCO and the grandmother of a career USAF NCO currently serving this country, I think the military budget is outrageous. We do not need MORE & MORE. Audit the outpay of equipment, it is way overpriced, no accountability and we certainly don’t need any more Nuclear weapons. We have enough to annihilate the world!


As disgusting as The Tweeter In A Trumpbowl is, at least he has confirmed the true purpose our military is being used for: to protect the energy engine of World Wide Western Capitalism. By appointing His Royal Highness Of Big Oil as Secretary of State, Trump has confirmed that, at least in their minds, the fine tradition of exploiting other countries natural “resources” adhered to by both the Democratic and Republican Parties for the past 100 years of so will continue unabated. Trump, given his unpredictable instability, has shown us that our government now only exist to protect the interest of the Capitalist Pigs and their ownership of the world. Just like George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Slick Willie Clinton, Poppy Bushwhacker, Saint Ronnie and continuing back in time to FDR, Woodrow Wilson and the founders who occupied the presidency all dutifully serving the Empire! And we all know throughout history that Empires never end well. But since America now produces mostly functional minimum wage illiterates through its education system only the curious and not the pathetically undereducated even have an inkling of history and who and what we really are as a people. [The entire purpose of no longer teaching critical thinking skills in public education.] We have never been The United States Of America! The chickens have now come home to openly roost as The United Corporations Of America.


Sadly, your Average Joes and Janes revere the marketplace and capitalism.

Corporate titans are worshiped as the divine made flesh.

The worst injustices and cruelties are explained away as the vagaries of competition on the high altar of meritocracy.

Yes, corporatism hasn’t merely supplanted democracy, it’s become our official state religion.


Why do we spend “money we don’t have on weapons we don’t need”? It’s called plutocratic oligarchy.