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'Huge Moment in the 2020 Race': Ocasio-Cortez to Endorse Bernie Sanders for President

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/15/huge-moment-2020-race-ocasio-cortez-endorse-bernie-sanders-president


Will it be enough? DAMN! I HOPE SO!!!


A reason to smile…expected? yes…but…O-so grateful for the smile. Thanks AOC. I needed that.


Go Bernie Go! All the way in 2020! Bernie Sanders for President! Peace


Absolutely “Yuge” endorsement.


He’s GOT to win! AND AOC is going to endorse him! yeah!


If president, can Sanders carry out his proposals with the opposition of the Democratic Party allying itself with the Republicans?

We know Pelosi and Schumer will sabotage his policies. For sure this will what will happen.

Can Sanders succeed by means of executive orders? I don’t think he can.

I await Sanders Plan B.

Gosh golly, you mean powerful interests and their corrupt politicians will continue to stop any desperately needed progress until they are removed from power? Well, if it can’t happen right away and if it requires building movements, we should just not try then, right? Always keep it in the indefinite future. Please work on the propaganda, really weak tea.

This is great news.

  1. Yaaaaaaay!
  2. Good moment for a donation even if it’s only a dollar - donations are tracked following debates as an index of candidates’ performance.

I stated what I think is the political reality. You may believe differently.

You may also not appreciate Marx, considering him as passe these days but he defined the State as the executive committee of the ruling class.

The term “Deep State” may well have been hijacked by those on the right-wing but the Left has always considered that there was an “Establishment” which behind the scenes defended the interests of the ruling class.

I’d remind you of what Eugene Debs said:

“I am not a Labor Leader; I do not want you to follow me or anyone else; if you are looking for a Moses to lead you out of this capitalist wilderness, you will stay right where you are. I would not lead you into the promised land if I could, because if I led you in, some one else would lead you out.”

His point is that there has to be a Plan B which is the creation of a mass class movement making the revolution and change not left to the political elite.

A near forgotten radical , Daniel de Leon of the Socialist Labor Party made the analogy of the sword and shield, the need for the sword of the vote and the shield of industrial muscle to protect it, which he also switched about, the sword of economic action protected by the shield of political action.

I suggest Sanders and AOC, and those Justice Democrats must come to realise that they need to fight not just the Republicans but also combat the majority in their own Party who hold the reins of power. When push comes to shove, will they cleanly break with the Democrats?

Isn’t that a fair question to ask? Or don’t we abide by Marx’s maxim that we disdain to conceal our views and aims, preferring instead to opportunistically gain votes by subterfuge.


Love you Bernie, my wife and I threw two fundraisers for you for the 2016 election, but you’re surrounding yourself with antisemites and I can’t abide by that. I have nothing against AOC but Tlaib’s and Omar’s hatred is transparent.

And then there’s Linda Sarsour whom you have stumping for you although she’s in bed with America’s premier spewer of Jew-hatred, Louis Farrakhan. How could you let this happen? Fire your campaign coordinator.

Bernie has pointed out that mass movements will be needed. He actually talks about class, favors structural changes that would benefit working and poor people. I don’t have any problems critiquing and pushing him from the left, especially if he gets power. You, however, are pointing out that people like Pelosi will challenge him, he must not consider this, so on to plan B. He has been talking about this nationally for about four years now. What you seem to want is different semantics.


Great news, obviously comes as no surprise. Just wanna go on record as saying that i hope Bernie - or Liz, for that matter - picks one of the Squad for VP.

Also, just wanna take a sec to shed a thug tear for the staff of splinter news - with the powers that be trying to stifle voices of dissent, my appreciation for sites like CD only increases.

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It’s not just Bernie Sanders who will make the passage of legislation happen, it will be all of us agitating for that as well. That’s what Bernie means when he says 'Not me, Us. Yes the Dems will try to stop US, but they will find out: there is more of us than there are of them. And we are committed to enacting legislation and then putting it into practice.


You mean like the Kennedy led east coast elites whispered to Jimmy Carter. Don’t get used to it: You are here for only one term and anything that threatens the Establishment will go down.

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Bernie is not surrounding himself with anti-Semites. If you are looking for extreme Zionists who will support the criminal, genocidal actions of Israel to it’s Palestinian population, it is understandable that you would see Bernie as a self-loathing Jew. Those of us standing with our oppressed Palestinian brothers and sisters do not believe Bernie goes far enough in condemning Israel, and should advocate an end to all of our support and aid to that illegitimate and criminal “state”. Bernie is rather wishy-washy to us on Israel, but at least he doesn’t kiss AIPAC’s arse every day, like Biden and most of the others do.


Can’t wait for the Warren twitter squad to start railing against these three women for being sexist.


I really appreciate Commondreams having a comment system that warns us when a new troll has signed up to post their deception and lies.


Now, now…
Canary Project has to train obvious, racist liars somewhere?

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Bullshit. You provide zero reference to support your baseless accusation of “hatred” from these persons, because THERE IS NO SUCH REFERENCE.

You fling mud, because you are a dirty person here to play dirty games. Go away.