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'Huge Moment in the 2020 Race': Ocasio-Cortez to Endorse Bernie Sanders for President

BS! Your entire post is BS! It is your extremist propaganda and attempted sabotage of Bernie’s candidacy, his great integrity, and racist demeaning of Rashida Tiaib and Ilhan Omar that is transparent!
Even mentioning Linda Sarsour and Farrakhan shows your true intent and idiot stupidity! Begone troll! You are the racist here.

BDS! Zionism is racism! - this troll is an example!


I’d say Bernie was fairly explicit in criticizing capitalism, incrementalism, and the d-party last night.

He knows what he’s up against – in fact, the endorsements from the Squad can at least partially be viewed as coalition/movement building. A young, progressive, outside-the-box movement.

And frankly, I don’t think Bernie would be shy when handed the highest of bully pulpits.


Well said! The only thing I would add is that they have no chance unless they combat the corrupt majority in their own Party…THE DNC!


AOC must have seen the debate the same way I did.

I like Klobchar but her support for Israel last night took her off my short list.
Likewise with Texan Beto. As a matter of fact no one questioned the CNN host who started the gun conversation with: X number of deaths from GUNS… As though the guns actually pull trigger, not the person.
And there were a couple of them that are reluctant to get the hell out of the middle-east. I guess we would have to sell all of our weapons to Saudi Arabia even though they are a huge part of the area.

No time for that. There are too many corrupt republican fish to fry. And little time to do it before the pardons begin to gush out.

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My faith in American Ideals has been renewed by the Squad of Humanitarian Women that are apparently more concerned about their Constituents than the Bribes/Donations handed out to their Corporate Democratic colleagues.

These Women along with Bernie have been Smeared and Castigated for the Crime of caring about their fellow Human Beings.

This is the Moment of Truth we have been waiting for, stand up for the ONLY Candidate that can bring real change to America and make our Nation a more Egalitarian place to live.


This could be huge if this leads to AOC & Co. helping Bernie with the sorts of voters he has been having trouble gaining traction with.

This is ALL GREAT !!!

• BUT … do not forget …
— We all MUST oppose PUBLICLY the DNC’s dirty tricks to undermine any popular support for Bernie.
— They did it in 2016 and sure as hell will DO it again IF they are not STOPPED.
This is as important than anything else.
They MUST be DENOUNCED and OPPOSED … MONTHS before the Convention so there is time to build a huge public resentment and opposition … or THEY WILL WIN. They do everything by FORCE & money, and will not be swayed by a mild rebuke.
The DNC must be SEEN as the ANTI-democratic force that it IS !!!

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If Bernie asks Tulsi if she will be his running mate, and does it soon, there is a chance that that team can beat Trump.



That will set up Tulsi for becoming the first woman President.


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It is not a matter of semantics although I always with good reason doubt a politicians rhetoric. We will have to wait to see if he walks the walk if he is elected. But don’t let my skepticism be mistaken for any lack of admiration for Sanders. But his biggest mistake, imho, was his endorsement of the Wall St candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016. He failed to place principle foremost.

Perhaps you may like to see what happens to even an ex-Vice President who being a radical and progressive falls out with the capitalist class. Can I suggest you read up on Henry Wallace and how he was dumped by the Democrat Party

I know about Wallace, and I have a pretty damn strong background in socialist economics. My point is that Bernie doesn’t need a plan b like you are saying. He knows Pelosi and the like will challenge him, and he has said that he will go to their home states and put pressure on them, as will social movements. I am a socialist, but I often think it is a mistake to focus on ideology. There are non-ideological reasons for supporting single payer. Many people that are not on the left, some that even identify as moderates and conservatives, support it. So, why focus on semantics and ideology when what we support just works better for most working people? I guess we will have to agree to disagree. Have a good one.


They planned their announcement perfectly, which was during the debate. Of course, all of the MSM took the bait and announced it to millions of viewers. Even today, the talking heads are still talking about it. Bernie Sanders and progressives for the win!

Nina Turner campaigns for him and speaks at most of his rallies. I think she is his #1 VP pick.

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Anything that threatens the establishment is what Bernie’s campaign is all about. It is they who will go down for good.
What is Bernie’s secret weapon?
Bernie says it is, “No, not me, all of us, together.”

Looks good on paper but the reality is Bernie is going down the way he did in 2016. Then he and his supporters will go into sour grapes mode like 2016 with barely tacit and uninspiring support for the candidate that defeated him (Biden) in the general election then staying home on election day. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Wow, what a great helpful useful comment! Welcome to the community! So many “new commenters” in the past week, all throwing generous heaping of mud at various candidates! Thanks for your very useful contribution to our community! Forward toward a better day!