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'Huge News': Nearly Four Dozen Faith Institutions Announce Divestment From Fossil Fuels

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/16/huge-news-nearly-four-dozen-faith-institutions-announce-divestment-fossil-fuels

On a related note – one more Iota for Jeff Masters:

Hurricane Iota explosively intensified into a category 5 hurricane overnight, becoming the latest category 5 storm ever observed in the Atlantic. Iota is predicted to make landfall in northern Nicaragua on Monday night at or just below category 5 strength, bringing catastrophic winds and a storm surge of 15-20 feet to northern Nicaragua.

Iota is likely to make landfall within 50 miles of where Hurricane Eta made landfall. There is no historical precedent for two Atlantic hurricanes of at least category 4 strength hitting the same location just two weeks apart. That this may occur in November, when major hurricanes are rare, is particularly extraordinary.


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I think it’s worthwhile pointing out that Pope Francis delivered his encyclical on global warming and planetary destruction a full five years ago. It’s nice all these religious organizations finally yanked their investments in fossil fuels, but no credit to them, they sure took their time.

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Yes. Also pledge to divest from all companies making nuclear weapons. Nukes, and everything concerning their manufacture and deployment, will be illegal under international law next year. Their existence, the threat that they pose, is already a crime against humanity. Obviously. DIVEST NOW!

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And here I thought these faith groups all want the end to come. What, now not so sure?
Finally, no more pandering from the 700 Club. The rich cathedral churches with solar panels. Interesting.

Na. They are too busy getting rich. Re ligion after all is big business. Right !

Religion is just one big hoodwink .

Everything you ever could have is on the inside , for Organised Religion to survive it must get you to believe it has the answers you don’t.

The truth is it never has and it never will.

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