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'Huge Ovation': Citing #ExxonKnew, Vermont Governor Calls for Fossil Fuel Divestment


'Huge Ovation': Citing #ExxonKnew, Vermont Governor Calls for Fossil Fuel Divestment

Jon Queally, staff writer

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin was given a "huge ovation" on Thursday after calling on fellow lawmakers to fully divest the state's pension funds from ExxonMobil as well as the coal industry.

Shumlin, a Democrat, made the call during his annual State of the State address before the Vermont legislature in Montpelier in which he specifically cited recent revelations about Exxon's role in concealing for decades what it knew about how carbon emissions fuel global warming.


There is a sign that you will see in many establishments across America which read, "We reserve the right to refuse business to..." or, No Shirt No Service. Vermont, California and all the other states that want to divest from and end their access to the coal industry, specifically related to Exxon, which could now be known as Exxoff, should take their actions one step further and, just like those business establishments, refuse to do business with Exxon by either calling for a mass boycott of their service stations or forcing them to shutdown their stations due to the overwhelming evidence that Exxon is a danger to public and planet health - No Compliance No business.


"ExxonMobil’s own scientists have long known about the dangers of global warming, and chose to conceal that from the public."

The Kochs also knew and are still spending millions on deceiving the public about global warming.

Why has nothing been said about the Koch's lies and subterfuge?


"Took a look around, see which way the wind blow."
LA Woman

"The Times, They are A-Changin"

It ain't over till it's over, and these buys' are gonna pay

So nice to see your oily ass...ets in free fall.

Earthquake anyone.........


Peter Shumlin is a great governor. He would be a great president if he focuses more on domestic than foreign affairs. We don't know if he will run for POTUS any time in the future. He has a lot more backbone than Ehud Barack Obama.


O.K. and good. Along with the health of the planet we need to include the people. Time he reverses himself on his unfortunate move to place single-payer on hold in Vermont.