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'Huge Step in Right Direction' as de Blasio Unveils Guaranteed Healthcare Plan for All NYC Residents


'Huge Step in Right Direction' as de Blasio Unveils Guaranteed Healthcare Plan for All NYC Residents

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Declaring that healthcare is "a right, not a privilege reserved for those who can afford it," New York City's Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday unveiled a plan that he said will guarantee comprehensive medical coverage to all 8.6 million city residents, including undocumented immigrants.

Officially named "NYC Care," de Blasio first announced the plan and discussed some of its basic details Tuesday morning during an interview on MSNBC's "Morning Joe":


If the Republicans truly believe in “right to life” and there are only two choices, guaranteed health care or guaranteed death they surely must get on the right side here.


I will believe it when I see it! What does “That Doctor’ mean? What if you dont like the doctor that you were given? Also, do people with higher incomes get better doctors?


Assisted living for our elderly costs $50,000/year on average. A nursing home costs $100,000/year on average. Will Single Payer pay for these? I think some CD bloggers would like to know.


Just as Canadian single payer originated in Saskatchewan and spread Province to Province, it will take one of the largest states to get the ball rolling in the US…as in California or New York since it won’t happen in #2 Texas or #3 Florida.

Just as single payer was getting close in California in 2003 the oligarchs staged a recall, pushing Governor Davis out by blaming him for Enron’s misdeeds and installing Arnold the Terminator who twice vetoed California single payer.


Assisted Living is really Assisted Dying. I should know as I’ve played guitar in many of these filthy places where old people are dropped off because their wonderful kids don’t want to be obligated taking care of them. I would rather die in my own bed than ever be PUT in one of those prisons!


Your numbers may be low. Nursing homes in Massachusetts are about 12K/month, assisted living runs about 8K a month. Elderly care in the United States is to benefit private care(the 1%), not individuals. It is a national disgrace.


Clearly this is a PR move that means nothing because absolutely NO DETAILS are provided, nor does it explain its relationship with Medicare/Medicade which currently provide about 2/3 of the funding of the U.S. health insurance (non)system.

Be prepared for every potential DIM presidential candidate to come out with Tweet-Drivel like this. Also be prepared for the “progressive community” and faux “socialists” to slurp this slop as it dribbles out until Nov 2020 – and beyond.



You are sooooo right. Realized this when I put my 103 mother in a supposedly good nursing home, took her home after one week.


Made possible by the wealth Wall Street has sucked out of the rest of the world. Of well, I guess it’s a step in the right direction.


That would be both logical and reasonable. Problem is, if they were they guided by logic and reason they would not be republicans in the first place.


Medicaid was privatized by Obamacare yet most Anericans asked would say it was a takeover of healthcare by the government. The exact opposite happened. There was only one writer covering the privatization of California’s Medicaid in 2010 whose key propaganda articles were disseminated throughout the corporate MSM. That writer was Noam Levy.


My late Mother told me the same thing: " “PROMISE ME YOU WILL NEVER PUT ME IN ONE OF THOSE PLACES!!” And thank goodness I never did!


finally the great progressive mayor of NY does something progressive … !


Thanks for this. Privatized, as is much of Medicare, but still publicly paid for.


de Blasio. Trust nothing. Bernie’s Medicare was a gift to insurance companies - paying them and not the providers which the current Medicare pays providers. He’s talking out both sides of his mouth when he says “expand” because he means end Medicare as you know it and create a new Medicare that pays the health insurance companies to cover everyone and be paid by our gov directly. It’s forecasted that the new medicare would start cutting services every year just like the health insurance companies currently do - they increase the cost and give you less coverage every year. They will also come with a hefty surcharge.

Don’t let that old man end Medicare. I’m convinced he is a sociopath. I worked on his campaign - as a volunteer - unpaid - before the cracks in his façade became undeniable. Vetting this Bernie campaign will show you who he really is.


Look at the players.


Levy carefully buried the "privatize " part deep into the article.

“In addition to expanding coverage, the Medicaid waiver is designed to shift more Medi-Cal beneficiaries into managed care, which many healthcare experts think can improve quality while also containing costs. That is supposed to help free up money for the coverage expansion.”

Pure propaganda by Noam Levy.


They didn’t say which “national organizations” applaud the move but I doubt that the organizations advocating for HR676 National Improved Medicare For All are applauding the move.

First, it isn’t single payer: “While NYC Care will not provide free coverage to everyone in the city, the program will be priced on a sliding scale according to individuals’ ability to pay.”

Secondly, it is unlikely that in our current corrupt system that a single city or state has the capacity to make a single payer system viable.

The only way it is going to work is to change the system and it will have to happen at the national level.

HR676 is a game changer. Anything short of an act that changes the system, is sure to fail.


The numbers don’t add up.

$100 million dollars, even spread over “only” 600,000 covered under NYC Care averages out to $166/person.

He plans on paying for this how?


For your information SPAN of Ohio has worked on this for 20 years. We had 2 sponsors and 20 co-sponsors for the HB 440. We presented our Financial feasibility study to the Insurance Commission to the House of Representatives at the Ohio State Capital (HB 440) with 75 people testifying about the need for a single payer/enhanced Medicare for all/universal healthcare. Everyone is in, no one is out, you see your own doctors, as all doctors and hospitals in network, vision, and hearing included and in the future dental- cradle to grave. So don’t listen to naysayers. The facts are out there but people need to listen!