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Huge Surge in Political Activism, Engagement Has Direct Ties to Trump Presidency, Poll Finds

Huge Surge in Political Activism, Engagement Has Direct Ties to Trump Presidency, Poll Finds

Julia Conley, staff writer

The Trump administration has given way to an unusually engaged public, with one in five Americans reporting in a new survey that they've attended a protest or rally since 2016—and 70 percent of those who rallied said they disapproved of President Donald Trump and his policies.

The poll, by the Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation, showed that political activism is new for many. About 19 percent of those who have demonstrated in the past two years said they had never been to a protest before 2016.

Americans might not know that much history but they know about Nazi Germany. Perhaps Trump supporter Richard Spencer giving the Nazi salute at a hate rally in DC was a wake up call for many. Or maybe Trump appointing Steve Bannon from far right Breitbart News called the platform of the alt-right as his campaign manager and then political advisor got some people stirring. Or maybe they watched hate-filled violence-provoking rallies and figured they better get out on the street to protest. All this and more got me out there.

When it comes to militarism/imperialism, Phil Ochs’ lyrics ring ironically true

“I ain’t marching anymore”

because my forgettery seems to be stronger than my memory these days…
and the smothered bros…

And here is the real issue, a Washington DC insider Hillary Clinton versus a totally unfit to be president Trump. Who do you get excited to vote for? What did the majority of voters think? This election had the worst voter turn out in 70 years. No one seems to recognize that as the voice of the majority of voters. You had Hillary who forgave Bubba Clinton (Bill) out of wedlock sex against a narcissistic sociopath (Trump). Apathy toward voting in 2016 won.

And now we have to live with the fact that Trump is a sexist, racist con artist and is not qualified to be president.

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