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Huge Turnout as Catalonia Takes to Polls in Historic Independence Vote



It is good that the folks in Catalonia are getting to express their will. That province is amazing, full of vibrant and great citizens. And a place where government really works, where people do well, where the roads are well maintained, and of course a place bathed by those mountains and water. However, the folks in Spain need to remember they are Spanish. For a foreigner like me, I find the language of Catalonia very similar to Spanish. The differences I observed were trivial. The best result, seems to me, would be that Catalonia could turnout to be a model of what Spain could become. And that would mean that the wisdom and policies of Northeastern Spain would come to dominate the entire country. There is no question in my mind that Catalonia can do well, very well, as an independent state. However there is some rather severe questions about just how well Spain can survive after the prosperous and well-governed region deserts the rest of the country. Would be similar to the US loosing California, again one of those regions that, with well educated and talented people, has a government and system that results in becoming a special place. And a place where many prosper.


Is this a case where a rich area wants to disassociate itself from the poor of the nation?


What is Podemos' position:

"In line with Podemos’ ‘democratizing’ discourse, senior members of the party’s leadership, including Pablo Iglesias and Íñigo Errejón, as well as leading figures in Catalonia, have declared their support for the principle of Catalan self-determination. At the same time, they have said that they hope that Catalans would vote to stay in Spain in a hypothetical referendum. As moderate as it may seem, this position marks a radical departure from that of the two main parties in Spain, the Popular Party and the Socialist Party, both of which actively oppose holding a vote on the question of independence at all.

At the same time, it is clear that the self-determination of Catalonia is nowhere near the top of Podemos’ policy agenda. Their discourse is defined by their aggressive condemnation of political corruption and economic inequality. When the party’s candidates are obliged to address the issue of Catalan ‘sovereignty’ or the ‘right to decide’, as Iglesias was yesterday, they invariably use the question as a launch pad to talk about ‘the right to decide about everything’ and the need to wrest back popular sovereignty over economic and social policy from the political and economic Establishment. Apart from anything else, supporting Catalan sovereignty is no vote winner in the rest of Spain; polls show that most Spanish people are against allowing Catalonia to hold an independence referendum."


I only raise these questions as one who is trying to understand what is going on, I make no pretence of knowing the intricacies of Spanish politics, I have a hard enough time trying to figure out what is going on here.


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