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'Huge Victory' for Grassroots Climate Campaigners as New York Lawmakers Reach Deal on Sweeping Climate Legislation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/17/huge-victory-grassroots-climate-campaigners-new-york-lawmakers-reach-deal-sweeping

Great achievement NY. Question, has Como indicated whether he will sign it, or not?

A man in India claims they could clean up the Ganges River. All they need is more water.
I guess then, all we need to clean up our air, is more air.
If I start pulling my hair out, one hair at a time, I’ll be done before the sun burns it all off. Maybe.

Forget the Green New Deal, intoned the elite New York Times. Global warming is from too much CO2 gas; lower it and the problem is solved, so why worry about the so-called root causes, those pesky social justice issues beloved only by Bernie, Warren and AOC types. Talk about venting excess gas! Methinks the global elite is fearful that the recent European elections - the Green Tide - might merge with a splurge with the U.S. Blue Wave, and is therefore desperate for ways to protect the elite class’ usual ways of doing things. What are these root causes of global warming? Let me count the ways.

From the coal-and-oil Koch Brothers to the slaughter-house Tysons, extreme wealth concentration owes much to the polluting industries. Hey, they say, we are entitled to our tax free inheritence and billionaire tax cuts. Sure we made big bucks with pollution, but we had to pay for pseudo-science to hide the CO2 and methane pollutions. Similarly, we had to pay for phony research when we sold you nicotine and leaded gasoline. Fooled ya with bogus data for decades, and woulda been longer if not for those smarty pants who could afford to go to college, who did the real science, and proved that we lied. We’d be crazy to allow free college education so more kids can learn to think critically. And how dare you disrespect our pal the corporate person, who was recently granted the right to corrupt Congress with unlimited dark money. We need this money to get a pass on license-to-pollute laws by hiring bi-partisan law makers, and former officials turned lobbyists. And as to ill health, those who cannot connect their mushy brains to pollution are valued fans of our fake Fox news outlet. Why provide health care for them, or for the medically indigent, all of whom are slated to succumb to pollution and die early. And what’s with net-neutrality? What harm does it do to let internet giants charge extra for higher speed, while the folks who won’t pay extra get snail speed, or are blocked altogether? Why, these cheapskates are just the type to use the internet to bad-mouth our global warming pollution. Slooow and approved speech, that’s our First Amendment goal post.

To: The Editor, The New York Times: Extreme wealth concentration, free higher education, Citizens evil-legal opinion, saturation political corruption, Medicare-for-all, net neutrality and more, are all intimately connected to either the warming or the warmers of our planet. You would have us file them away under ‘unrelated social justice issues’ (nice try), but they are neither ‘social’ (as in - shudder - socialism) nor ‘justice’ (as in, Ma, my slice of pie is smaller). No sir! These programs are all needed to save us from planet-wide destruction, which only a vibrant, free, and prosperous democracy can accomplish. WE call them the Green New Deal, and we won’t stop at CO2, methane or even fracking. School kids can see the connection between their ruined environment and the ruins of a democracy. Now THAT is news worth reporting, hellooo NYT. You once misused your powers by convincing our soldiers to die for non-existent WMD in Iraq: for goodness’ sake, use your powers for good this time.


Nail hit squarely on the head. Big love for you.

Its food to have highf uture stabdards fir renewabeenergy but in the northeast we know it is not necessarily “clean energy” - in Rhode Island we are losing hundreds of acres of precious woodlands to “solar farms” - industrial scale development based on subsidies or requirement such as in NY State. There is also a regional issue with transmission lines and their impacts, and off-shore wind with impacts on the fishing industry.
There is nothing n this report about conservation of energy, transportation emissions, emissions from agriculture, or costs the state may bear. So though a true step forward, its too much feel-good over substance, so two cheers for New York!