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'Huge Victory for LGBTQ Equality' as US Supreme Court Affirms Workplace Protections

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/15/huge-victory-lgbtq-equality-us-supreme-court-affirms-workplace-protections


This should be a strong precedent for overturning the new HHS rules allowing for discrimination against LGBTQ in health care. Good!

It should be a warning to TPTB to rescind those new rules. Even better!


It’s disorienting to find Gorsuch and Roberts on the right–er, correct–side of an issue, like finding myself in agreement with Pat Buchanan about NAFTA. I’ll bet BunkerBoi is really miffed.


This ruling is a victory sure, but it comes down to local behaviors toward trans people, very especially children who are victimized.
The gender awareness of young children is a thing of great beauty for a person trapped in a gender identity society forces on them, when they are allowed their freedom to be. This article has some examples of that .


If there is no justice and civil rights for ALL, especially the most vulnerable, there is no justice for any!

No Justice, NO peace! Our collective resistance must embrace many forms of oppression and discrimination, of violence against humankind and our Mother Earth, Gaia.


No kidding, I would have lost money on the outcome of this vote, had I bet on it.

Hopefully, the times really are changing. Every life is of equal consideration and the “christian” fascists need to stop their BS on “freedom” as they show little understanding–it does not mean the “freedom” to do as the fascists desire but to choose ones own limitations free of coercion.


Wow! Some good news. Common sense from the Supreme Court. I guess the conservatives couldn’t strangle the law. Excellent.


Two questions, Can Agent-orange fire Gorsuch ? tee hee I bet he wishes he could.

How does this ruling impact those employed by the military ?

Now, now are your trying to take away some of their “fun” ?
Actually they will refocus their vitriol to regroup and come back with a stronger campaign of hate and fury. I have never found a fascist christian to be able to step away from the dogma and actually think reasonably.


If the vast majority of Americans are correct (counter to belief in more developed societies) that there is existence after death, then the shade of Mussolini must be chuffed that his failed dictatorship and extreme nationalistic ideology with corporist* economic theory (in effect state control over elements of the private business sector) has become the catch-all term for all and any form of authoritarianism.

‘Fascism’ was a specific ideology, whereas ‘authoritarian’ made be generally applied to any belief system that demands blind submission to authority, as opposed to individual freedom of thought and action. Its maybe time to leave Mussolini’s mess in the trash can of history, unless you are criticizing some real attempt to revive it.

*See: ‘Corporatism and the Ghost of the Third Way’. - particularly ‘Mussolini’s Corporatist Epiphany’

Fascism was authoritarian but authoritarianism is certainly not specifically ‘Fascism’.


The principles of the dump administration (according to my link) are those of fascism.

Thank you Supreme Court and especially th 2 conservatives. So much unfairness is going on now, with people losing jobs, and corporations getting money that should go to the small business people. Thank you ladies of the court, but we knew you would not let unfairness reign.
AND, for people like Thomas and Kavanaugh— you know, read the Preamble again, and the “more perfect union,” words. Also it does say WE THE PEOPLE, not We SOME of the People! Oh and for you religious people, keep in minds that God is said to make no mistakes----so chew on that thought for a while. : )

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Their excuse will be that god created everything 10,000 years ago so cannot be responsible for mistakes after that time. (As it was so long ago.) :))

Statute of limitations.

Hi wingsofadove…LOL, but so scarily correct. : 0