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'Huge Victory for Press Freedom' as Brazilian Supreme Court Bars Bolsonaro From Investigating Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/09/huge-victory-press-freedom-brazilian-supreme-court-bars-bolsonaro-investigating

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Our Supreme Court should take note.


Appears Brazilian fascism is not as advanced as in the US when it comes to court stacking . Trump could nominate Mussolini and Schumer would say ‘we don’t have the votes to oppose the nomination’.

Left to the US, Greenwald would be in a dark solitary rat hole for speaking the truth … perhaps in a prison run by toe sucking Brits?


This is an acknowledgement of the brilliance of the founders of this nation, the Constitution of which informed that of Brazil. When kept functional, the separation of powers is an incredible concept, certainly the best the eighteenth century saw. Now the people implementing the concept is another matter, as of course were the times, but the framework does and did allow for Progress, for which we should rejoice, even in this very dark time. It is time for the Progressives of this country and the world and as Glenn and his Judiciary pals are showing us dust off and rekindle the flame of The Enlightenment and scorch the arses of the vermin that vex US.


Nice work Smerl.
Now let’s see if Glenn is willing to speak out
for the soul of free press and democracy; wasting away in the
toe sucking Brit’s Belmarsh maximum security prison–Julian
Assange of couse


Pierre Omidyar to the rescue…

Assange is being psychologically tortured at this very moment. Injustice abounds and the reality is that most Americans simply go on living they’re piggy lives without a iota of concern. Justice in the good ole USA is dead.


Yes, it appears the Brazilian High Court is far more principled regarding the freedom of the press than the US High Court.

An excellent decision, and I hope we can follow suit.


The country of Brazil is now being run by a true fascist with the police totally out of control. Those judges will probably be in prison or worse in a couple of years.


In Brazil, a court victory does not ensure the safety of someone the fascist elite considers a threat. After all, Glenn’s spouse has a seat in government because the previous occupant was brutally murdered for being a trans woman of color, who dared speak up for the rights of the oppressed. I’m sure that Bosonaro will not let something like a court defeat permanently thwart his attempt to shut Glenn up. Let me put it this way: I will be extremely saddened and outraged, but not shocked if tradgedy befalls Glenn.


One Article the US should take from the Brazilian Constitution of 1988 is Article 231 Rights of Indigenous Peoples Nobody talks about it - but the IPs in Brazil - in that they are Earth Defenders - are central to resistance to the corruption in the Lava Jato investigation, which does in fact now implicateSC justices and their wives among others.
The predatory corporate and transnational banking links and land grabbers from the 1960s dictatorship on the ground ( so to speak) are all too alive and well and wreaking havoc.


Maybe he can now tell us what happened to the rest of Snowden Files.

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Glad for Glenn, but I fear that Bolsonaro will find a way to harm him and his family.
If only all of us had the courage to fight corruption the way Glenn has.
In the meantime, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange are in jail, while the American war criminals they exposed got medals and walk around free.


Greenwald has been a consistent and outspoken Assange supporter:


Greenwald is a great example of a real journalist.

Along with Assange, Manning and other real journalists to fall victims of the fascist oligarchy, they deserve Nobel Prizes. That they are not thus honored for their selfless courage while Kissinger and Obama are, shows how far the Nobel Prize has sunk.

Alfred Nobel must be rolling in his grave.


Rolling-over indeed! Obama’s peace prize should be revoked as a glaring affront to truth!

Now let’s hope that Bolsonaro doesn’t find some loopholes or takes a page from the U.S. play book and detain Glenn anyway.

Off topic slightly, but what about the concept of a federal convention of state delegations today (Article V), do you think we can reach a tipping point of Americans who will say Yes to it?

Wow, very impressive.

I did not think that Bolsonaro would abide by the ruling of their Supreme Court.

This Wannabe Dictator is very much like Trump, willing to ignore the constitution and make his own rules.

I thought by now that Greenwald would be in Prison or executed by some government thug.

Lets face it; Greenwald is one of the best Journalists in the business, you can always count on him for an Honest evaluation of any situation, which is why I thought he would be eliminated by a corrupt government.

Glenn Greenwald you are simply the best and I admire your work tremendously.

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And amazingly this news isn’t front and centre on the Intercept’s main webpage as of 5:10 PM eastern US on Friday Aug 9th.