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'Huge Victory': French Court Finds Monsanto Guilty of Poisoning Farmer

'Huge Victory': French Court Finds Monsanto Guilty of Poisoning Farmer

Julia Conley, staff writer

Monsanto was ordered to pay restitution to a French farmer who developed a neurological disease after using its weedkiller—the latest victory for the chemical giant's former customers who want to hold the company accountable for selling poisonous pesticides.

we are not going to be silent anymore.

Which is why it was sold to the German company Bayer

I often sit in a dark room mumbling “Thank you Monsanto and the U.S.government for my exposure to Agent Orange.” (sarcasm of course)

Note that Monsanto intends to appeal - again. They do not intend to give away any of their ghoulishly acquired billions, just because humans and animals and the environment are being abused. They’ve known it all along. Profits before everything must be their motto.

No huge victory here… this crap is still on every shelf for the Stoopids to buy and kill them selves with.

I don’t understand why European (or other) governments don’t head for the corporate boardroom and arrest everyone of the board members and everyone of their rotten lawyers and their stockholders, send them into isolation cells for the rest of their lives breathing fumes from their chemicals. And their families. This should be the return on their investment.
Of course, I do really understand. Governments and laws are their only to assure that we in the peasant (not 1%) class suffer and die in misery and sickness and if that isn’t enough then just incarcerate us so they can get their jollies.