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'Huge Victory' in Seneca Lake: After Years of Protest, Gas Storage Project Abandoned

'Huge Victory' in Seneca Lake: After Years of Protest, Gas Storage Project Abandoned

Nika Knight, staff writer

After a years-long popular resistance against a proposed fracked gas storage project in Seneca Lake, N.Y., the people have emerged victorious.

The Arlington Storage Company announced Wednesday that it was finally abandoning a contentious plan to store fracked gas in unlined salt caverns along the pristine lake in New York's Finger Lakes region.


Right on, fight back, every front, every victory, keep moving forward against fossil fuel infrastructure.


Houston based oil co. As always, corporate defecation belongs in another state, not its own.

To the folks at Seneca Lake - THANK YOU!

To get an idea of how seriously important this is, its worth taking a look at Bayou Corn in Louisiana and the hell on Earth that chemical, petrol and other companies have created with the salt cavern as storage debacle. Bayou Corn is now an irretrievably polluted ghost town. Do you hear anything about? Not when the oil and chemical companies slime their way into politics.


I noticed that list of participants against the facility didn’t include Native Americans. Gee, good thing, they would’ve been shot, gassed, and beaten. And lost to the fossil fuel giant.

Congratulations to people who fight!

Now, please be aware of another environmental battle line, and join us in pressuring government to decommission the 64-year-old pipeline known as Enbridge Line 5:

Built to last 50 years, this fossil fuel, ticking time bomb is past its expiration date. This is corporate greed at its ugliest and politicians in Michigan are bribed to continue betting that the oil spill won’t happen on their watch. That is an irresponsible gamble. Help SHUT DOWN LINE 5!