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'Huge Victory': Judge Drops Felony Riot Charges Against Six J20 Protesters


'Huge Victory': Judge Drops Felony Riot Charges Against Six J20 Protesters

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The defendants are still facing other charges, all of which critics have said are "outrageous" and should be tossed


From the article:

"“Although there is no evidence the defendants on trial caused any of that damage directly, prosecutors argue that the entire group of protesters bears responsibility.’”

What, I wonder, would the prosecutors say if it could be proven that even one act of property destruction was committed by paid agents provocateurs?

In any case, it’s a small but welcome comfort to know there’s at leat one member of the federal bench who knows the difference between felony riot and protected speech.


What a waste of public money.


So, actually committing vandalism is irrelevant as long as someone is near someone else who did the vandalism. Guilt by proximity. Gee, how far does that proximity extend? Am I liable because I am sympathetic to protesters 1200 miles away? What utter rubbish! This overreach is intended to stifle all dissent by allowing charges to be brought against anyone who is in the vicinity of someone else who actually breaks the law. I hope the judge tosses all charges against those for whom there is no evidence of a crime. I hope to live to see the day when republicans are consigned to where they belong – on the rubbish heap of history.


Finally, some reasonably, good news.
Now do the right thing and drop all the charges. Give The First Amendment a nod.:yin_yang: