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'Huge Win': Court Orders DeVos to Cancel Loans for Mass. Students Defrauded by Corinthian Colleges

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/26/huge-win-court-orders-devos-cancel-loans-mass-students-defrauded-corinthian-colleges


How long has it been?

Frigging forever…

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We need a tuition that can be paid with a summer job. Work it out people.

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It’s not just about the tuition, these type of “universities” are worthless, my understanding is prospective employers shit-can applications from people with degrees from these phony institutions.

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But wouldnt that be an illegal subsidy we’re giving US students and educational institutions which could reduce the ability of foreign firms to place temporary workers in those jobs?

Also it would act as a subsidy for noncommercial US providers of education, so its clearly forbidden by multiple GATS provisions.

Think tanks in foreign countries that supply temporary workers across international borders frame such subsidies in the US as barriers to their operating in our country,

(We have done similarly with them, referring to public education, we may even have been first, I suspect we were)

But now the shoe is on the other foot, as our interactions with other countries are out of sight but their think tanks publications are visible to us.

they claim that if we subsidize education we’re likely reducing the amount of international trade which they frame as a repayment of a debt so they see it as our attempt to evade payment of a suddenly materialized (it seems to have materialized sometime in the 1990s and has been referred constantly by developing nations since then) A debt in jobs - they seem to be claiming that we, if we subsidize poorer US students to go to college which they normally could not afford, we are violating obligations of some kind.

Because of GATS, anything we do to preferentially help our own low income students and public higher education institutions is likely already being framed as a trade barrier, or in the current atmosphere (bitter arguments over the remaining jobs as they dry up) will soon be.

GATS has been identified as the worst existential threat to public education by multiple international organizations.

How is it the nations you speak of already subsidize education? But we wouldn’t be allowed to?
We would subsidize all income levels, not just the low income. Rich folks pay taxes too (I think) and should get the same level of educational support. Universal.

I guess trump and others would say: We’re lawless and don’t care about GATS restrictions.

Many countries had pre-existing, highly subsidized systems. As long as they didnt change anything after January 1, 1995, at all, and didnt attempt to leave the European Union, or make any other major changes, until around 1998 or 1999 they were probably safe. Due to grandfathering. But the rules are changing and getting more tight and unpredictable. The goal of some people is the elimination of public services. Already most public services are officially supposed to be phased out and replaced by for profit market based services that are self sustaining. How would poor people go to college? Digital counrses and automation, perhaps? But where does that leave people without broadband? or people who cant afford a quiet lace to study and interact with schools that are perhaps thousands of miles away?
Totally out of luck.

Some Member States treated education like a Public Utility meaning kept it completely noncommercial and as long as they paid for it completely - and did not have commercial for profit education they were probably okay. But in the late 90s it seems to have changed a lot. Now there is a very bad situation - they are under severe threat.

I have a flow chart graphic on my web site, originally from a very informative book by Antonio Verger thats perhaps easier to understand than the convoluted interpretations of the governmental authority exclusion. Bit it may be out of date. And it doesnt apply to TiSA which may be negative list, meaning all service sectors anmd modes of supply may be captured.

the argument is that its unnatural for poor people to be able to afford to go to collge and that wealth - one of the benefits of wealth is being able to afford things others cannot afford. Like (just a few of many possible examples) healthcare, clean water and college. One argument is that its not fair to the wealthy to distort trade by helping those who might not be able to afford things or who didnt buy them, and that when governmets do get involved because its COMPLETELY impossible for the middle class to afford something, (The poor might not be helped or they might be steered towards a different kind of help, its a strange world that of competition in international law) that whatever they do should be “not more burdensome than necessary”. And not cause crowd out of commercial industries - water companies, colleges, health insurers and many others. So governments can only help those who there is zero chance could buy a commercial service. And then only for the shortest amount of time. Like during a real emergency.

Make no mistake about it. GATS is being used to put huge pressures on countries - giving them the impression that the American people want the privatizing of higher education all around the world. When we actually dont.

You should put some time into investigating that.

Due to huge amounts of pressure from countries like the US and EU, many countries made commitments they later regretted. TISA is even worse.

Its quite similar to GATS health care and insurance in that respect.

Read the EUA Statement on TTIP and TiSA
published 30 January 2015 for a good explanation of how the official accrediting organization of the EU’s intitutions of higher learnings opinions.

Also, see Education International’s web site.

Fortunately she’s batting zero. She has lost or has been overruled in every court case she’s been involved in.

Indeed, they end up costing society a great deal. The role they play in the current health epidemic is criminal.

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The Trump Administratiuon is trying to do everything by the GATS book, which tells governments that they have to support all commercial educational institutions and not show any favoritism for public education, and that government should not say that any school is better than any other school. This is to encourage commercial schools, as their plan for education is clearly to have commercial providers gradually replace public education. It makes no difference if they are crap, my guess is, they might even prefer that. Since Trump himself owned a ripoff school, my guess is they just see education as another means of taking poor peoples money and dont care if colleges rip people off.

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I should have said, I think higher education tuition should be free as long as people make a reasonable effort to make progress in a wide and inclusive definition of same. Books should be provided on DVDROM as well as the Internet (because not all students have broadband) Every possible effort should be made to make it possible for people to get additional education at any stage of their life.

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