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'Huge Win' for Workers as DC Council Approves $15 Minimum Wage



These watered-down minimum wage increases passed by the professional politicians need to be overturned by referendums making the increases 100% effective no later than next January - for everyone. No exceptions for food service, or health care providers or day care providers, etc. EVERYONE. In four years, $15/hr will need to be $16 or $17/hr., so even the COLA provisions will be out of date. No, the increases must be now, and for everyone.


Momentum is building and I am glad.


This is great - as a landlord I can raise my rents. A wage increase for everybody! Won't be long before the grocers and liqueur stores see the light. How about a hike in cab fare and subway passes? I know when I visit DC I'll be staying and shopping in Maryland where the streets are safe and the prices lower.