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'Hugely Important Breakthrough for Human and Animal Health' as EU Approves Antibiotic Restrictions for Livestock to Battle Superbugs

'Hugely Important Breakthrough for Human and Animal Health' as EU Approves Antibiotic Restrictions for Livestock to Battle Superbugs

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In a move celebrated by experts and activists who continue to raise alarm about the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance—fueled in part by rampant overuse of medicines in agriculture—the European Parliament on Thursday approved new rules for antibiotic use on healthy farm animals.


Patients often believe that if the doctor doesn’t prescribe antibiotics for a common cold, he is a bad doctor. Doctors often accede, rationalizing that ABs will prevent secondary infections.

Veterinarians do the same.

That said, we only eat organic. Defend the organic label.


Now that’s progressive.

The organic label has been tainted by corp. farms, while USDA stands back and watches. Only buy from small scale organic producers, if you want to be safe.


I add to Recon. Just recently a supposedly organic chicken farm for Perdue was caught breaking all the organic rules.
Of course the perps (meaning the people who discovered and documented it) were thrown in jail and the evidence destroyed by vets saying the chickens were too sick and diseased to keep alive. It should not be illegal to expose fraud.


I am not well enough or well off to start a farm sanctuary but I know someone who has done so. They had an acreage and barn they really were doing nothing with and have turned it into a small sanctuary for farm animals. Nothing fancy. Just taking in people{‘s sheep, goats and some ducks and chickens and roosters when the novelty wore off. Several animals were sick when they arrived and needed antibiotics but since that no drugs have been needed. Just good food, grazing space and proper attention love and peace. Wouldn’t it be lovely to see all farmed animals in such a place instead of crammed full of drugs, filthy and carved up on a dinner plate? This is a problem humans created through their own greed and thoughtless cruelty. And yes I am getting more vocal about animal abuse and being vegan. I don’t mean to be overpreachy.
There is just so much pain and viciousness in the world that it just seems past time for me to start talking about asking others to at least think about this one small thing they can do to at least alleviate the suffering of a few defenseless animals even though we cannot stop Yemeni or Syrian children or the myriad others in peril from slaughter …

maybe we could stop those other things, if there were any people in our oppressed population who felt empowered enough to take a stand on anything. If people collectively did have the ability to affect the actions of their government, i feel like 99% of the problems we have would be resolved with considerable ease. The real issue is the extent to which Americans are deliberately disenfranchised and oppressed by the 1%, who have through the process of overt corruption, and organized crime, in effect purchased the entire United States Government, The communication networks, The news media, and the military and intelligence and law enforcement branches of the state and federal government. This didn’t cost them more than 1% or
2% or so of their wealth collectively.