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Human Element Makes Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’ Quite Captivating


Human Element Makes Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’ Quite Captivating

Kevin Gosztola

Every whistleblower undergoes some kind of transformation that pushes them to the point where they make the pivotal decision to challenge power. Oliver Stone’s film about National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden portrays how he went from a person reluctant to question the government to a person who believed it was virtuous to challenge abuses of government power.


Looking forward to seeing the film. Snowden should be vindicated and pardoned.


Loved the film. A conservative asked snidely, "Does it make Snowden look like a hero?" I answered,"He's already a hero. The film makes him look like a human being."


I'll see Snowden. I wish he could be pardoned & Bush & Obama would be prosecuted. It's bad that he has to live in an authoritarian state like Russia to avoid prosecution in a democracy such as the USA.