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Human Footprint Threating Nearly 50 Billion Years of Evolutionary History: Study

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/26/human-footprint-threating-nearly-50-billion-years-evolutionary-history-study

Typo in headline: “Threatening”

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Umm, sorry, guys, but… if the universe has only been around 13.7-13.8 billion years, it’s rather doubtful that we could have squeezed in fifty billion years of evolution.

Certainly, they likely mean fifty million years, but there’s no excuse to simply repeat errors because it’s in a quote. Take the time–note that it’s wrong.


Why not fifty trillion years of evolutionary history? So much evolutionary history, you won’t believe it. Some people say ours is the most successful, powerful evolutionary history known to man, or to anyone, really, ever in evolutionary history.


Truth is finite, anti-truth (including boo-boos in headlines) is infinite.

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And we are still evolving. (Just take a look at the “president”.)


I’ll up your ante: a gazillion infinitillion mega-eras. What’s a few years when you’re talking about the greatest species ever conceived by god, that warped psychopathic sadist who gave us Trump, Congress, corporate media, nuclear weapons, drones, endless wars, the U.S. electoral and “health” systems, Wall St., and capitalism? The only threats are the doubters and haters that people constitute the greatest gift ever to the universe – we are the apotheosis of life. We are exceptional. We don’t do threats.


A typo and a simple factual error in one headline: what could go wrong? Humans at the controls! Pretty poor editing, CD! Get back to us when you can corroborate your information and present the truth, not some pathetically dumb click-bait.


In more than one instance, we are proving to be “too smart for our good.” We figured out how to pollute the animal kingdom, the environment, and our minds.

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They are referring to the cumulative timelines of the entire branches that could be erased. It’s like how you can have 75 man-years of labor go into a project that only took two years.


Thank you. I just got on here to point out the same thing about when the “Big Bang” occurred.

Still, it’s an idiotic–and overly sensational–way to assess impact. Evolution in different branches occurs concurrently and interdependently. Evolution isn’t a project. It’s a common process.

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We humans are the only species that doesn’t make some kind of preparation for their young. Even clams prepare a place for their young to live (relatively) safely to adulthood. That’s Janine Benyus, the biomimicry woman. She said it in a TED talk.

The real problem is not in the subsystems. It’s in the system - western civilization, which gave birth to capitalism and neoliberal capitalism and monarchy and oligarchy, and hoarding money, etc. Western culture, a subsystem of western civilization, created mass media and ubiquitous propaganda that keeps a relatively free country’s population on their asses in front of TV watching propaganda that leads to shortened lives due to degenerative diseases, diabetes - all kinds of mean, nasty things, none of which anyone asked for after live TV went away. Truth in the US went with live TV. Now it’s all canned propaganda.

The solution is not conservation of anything. The solution is consciously evolving people out of the lifestyle that 1/20th of global human population consumes 40% of total annual ecological production. It’s an end game thing: if a person takes more than their fair share, they create poverty for someone else, and propaganda covers that up by drowning it in “entertainment.”

Western civilization is the one that invented the Great Chain of Being that tells who God favors and doesn’t. It’s a human invention, one of many that is pure human supremacy, putting humans over and above all other life forms.

The truth is that humans, unless they’re indigenous, taking care of land they’ve taken care of for thousands of years, are less ecologically useful than algae. Is that sobering or what?

Evolution and ecology are quasi-forbidden subjects in western civilization, which is also responsible for human overpopulation through predating countries that leave their people poor and ignorant, with nothing but sex available for recreation, and that doesn’t take long, in the scheme of things.

Human inhumanity is profitable. Love one another isn’t in that cosmos.

Human development is the key to behavior consistent with reducing the human population to 2 billion (or less, if they all want to be Jeff Bezos), so Earth’s production can provide for humanity without losing resilence and fertility for it.

Western civilization is a bunch of desert makers. The US is a human desert now, with almost no one getting to fully develop their potential as humans. It’s not about poverty. Look at Bill Gates. With all that money, he still can’t think his way out of dumb projects on which to spend his money. If he could think worth a shit, he could be useful. He can almost sound intelligent, at times, but it’s deception.

Anyway, with that kind of brain power, we’re not developing as a species. We’re not evolving, and human evolution is a key part of the ecological solution to human ignorance, or providing the means for ignorant humans to accrue power and wealth.

In my opinion.


Poorly rewritten Headline and article .bbc.com/news/science-environment-52808103
Scientists say more than 50 billion years of cumulative evolutionary history could be lost as humans push wildlife to the brink.
(Actual bbc subtitle)

They found a combined 50 billion years of evolutionary heritage, at least, were under threat from human impacts such as urban development, deforestation and road building.

Rikki Gumbs said the numbers are very large because species are evolving in parallel; for reptiles alone you get a figure of 13 billion years (about the age of the Universe).

He said: “The tree of life is so vast and extinction is so widely spread across the tree of life that when you begin to add up all these numbers you end up with these kinds of incomprehensible figures of more than 50 billion years.”


Many valid points.
However some clarification is required.
Humans created 30,000 + CULTURES
Humans also fell into the mistake of making 30 or so CIVILIZATIONS.
While “Western Civilization” is unique in that it is the only one to have gone global and thus led to the destruction of most life on the planet all the 29 other civilizations were also very destructive in the ways you discuss its just they were more localized.

An error you made is “human evolution is a key part of the ecological solution to human ignorance, ”
We have actually devolved since civilization began, our brains have shrunk by 10% to 20% becuase of our sedentary removed from nature habitation.

All the 30,000 human cultures were not only benign on the Earth we were a driving force in actually creating more ecological niches for more species to evolve to.

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Not smart, humans outside of and before civilization, were completely wise in regards to the ecology. Just saw a great doc about a culture in the Amazon who only take 5% of the turtle eggs. Thus turtle eggs have supported their culture for 10,000years or so.

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Right. The only thing around that long are Trump’s record breaking inaugural crowds.

Unfortunately we REALLY need more people trained in the basic body of natural science knowledge, and physics and maths. Because, that “50 billion” error is probably not a typo.

Oh. That is kind of disingenuous to add up the timelines of different groups of animals. How far down do they drill in this summation at the class, or order level?

Then the title needs to say genus-years, or order-years, or class-years…