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Human Research Loopholes: Alive and Well


Human Research Loopholes: Alive and Well

Yonatan Moskowitz, Lee Tien

In one of the darkest chapters in medical ethics, the United States government ran an experiment from the 1930s to the 1970s in which it withheld treatment and medical information from rural African-American men suffering from syphilis.


Thank you for the ethics update, Mr. Moskowitz and Mr. Tien, but I think you've only touched the surface of things.

Tuskegee was a disgusting breach of morality, but what about ALL of the following:

  1. Project MK Ultra: involved the use of sleep deprivation, LSD administering, sexual trauma all to break down human minds (and likely ongoing in practice... at minimum, at off-shore prison gulags)

  2. Chem. Trails: Infusing the upper atmosphere with all sorts of chemical fall-out unknowing subjects civilian populations into guinea pig status

  3. A legion of genetically manipulated foodstuffs now pervasive enough to shift human DNA in deleterious ways. Again, this is ongoing without genuine citizen consent, oversight, or control.

  4. A plethora of vaccines poured into new babies' bodies following a dangerous chemically-directed "one size fits all" protocol... as meanwhile, Autism, early onset Diabetes, and Cancer rates dramatically escalate in children.

  5. The new "social engineering" through Soma-like pills drawn from the anti-depressant family.... and what this kind of collective emotive "shut-down" means for any society and its overall morality (and capacity to demonstrate moral repugnance in the face of great injustices).

  6. Corn Syrup in EVERYTHING and the resulting growing girth of the American public.

Since what's genuinely necessary to an Informed Body Politic is largely now rendered to the zone of taboo truths and/or Conspiracy Theories, and mouthpieces of these inconvenient verities face prison time, virtual house arrest in foreign lands, or murder.... the State can justify ANYTHING under the grounds of "National Security." That makes the following far more dangerous than the authors admit:

"Lastly, HHS proposes absolute ethics-review exemptions for “intelligence surveillance activities.” This would exempt actions “conducted to fulfill a department or agency’s legal mandate to ensure the safety and protection of the United States, its people, and its national security interests.” The government is professing to fence DHS and the CIA in through E.O. 12333, but they’re actually building in a gaping breach for them to stroll right back out through."

There are many deeper layers to this "onion."


Science marches on



Although I appreciate the work EFF does, they seem to have a very narrow perspective when it comes to their analysis of the issues. This is not the first article, involving EFF, that displays this one-issue outlook and perhaps that's not unusual but in today's world when the other-side is on the other side of just about everything that is good and decent, no organization ought to limit their perspective to a single issue when they so much more is at stake. This is especially true when it comes to the crumbling of ethical standards, not merely in reality but covertly, as that's been true for far too long, but in the lack of public respect paid to ethics and moral standards. I would imagine a large number of youngsters have never heard the term ethics, much less know what it means and where and how it should be applied.


I always felt EFF's scope of activity was always designed to provide an IT perspective/support for other organization like CCR and ACLU.

When I first encountered them, it was in the early days of the Snowden matrix coming into being. And boy we needed a engineering based understanding of laws like CISPA and other items.
(read~ No you don't get to read everything without a warrant)

They provide a specific scope, that is easily overlooked, yet greatly needed.

Engineering like Medicine is currently in a phase of specialists.
Holistic is now again coming forward in the research modeling. It's the pendulum affect.


HHS proposes absolute ethics-review exemptions for “intelligence surveillance activities."

Boy there is the hole big enough to drive a MAC truck though, including the busload of contributing Psychologists.

And precisely where the dam is needed to be built, they leave a gaping hole in the levee.

9th Amndmnt...The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be
construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

This is the current gold mine of exploitation.