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Human Rights Abuses Rampant Under Drug War, 100 Groups Tell UN


Human Rights Abuses Rampant Under Drug War, 100 Groups Tell UN

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Citing large scale human rights abuses and discriminatory enforcement practices, more than 100 organizations on Wednesday sent an open letter (pdf) to the United Nations calling for a significant shift in global drug policy.

The international coalition is comprised of non-governmental organizations and drug reform advocacy groups—such as Human Rights Watch, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Drug Policy Alliance—as well as businesses, including Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps.


Time to cancel the War On Drugs.
Now we got the War On Terror.
Same actors.
Same motives.


“Human rights” is a very confusing issue for Americans. We don’t know how to define “human rights,” much less what to do about violations of those rights. The US chose not to ratify the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Indeed, we reject those rights. One example: The UDHR states that all people, regardless of their ability to provide for themselves, have fundamental human rights to food and shelter. Even liberals today disagree. We ended actual welfare aid (TANF is a short-term work program, only for those with children.), and have been dismantling Social Security, targeting the disabled. This generation believes that only those who are of current use to employers (the corporate state) are entitled to any human rights at all.


excellant comment and it was clinton who ended welfare. thank moron voting gop they intend destroy or enrich wall street in taking down ss.


The war on drugs is fake. THE US has been funding their black operations, covert wars with money from the drug trade.



I just got this link from a friend, today. Fits right in with this whole thing.

  • Abu Ghraib comes home to California, USA.
  • Please note, no charges, no firing, just a reprimand and one five day suspension!
  • Makes one proud to be an American, doesn’t it.


but in poor áreas or poor countries, when there is no treatment, as in europe… the junkies are responsable for abuses like robbery and extortion etc. to feed their habits. Liiving in Mexico one is always aware that you cant trust anyone, and the law does nothing when crimes are reported…
People are getting killed daily here for control over the market, so why not legalize drugs… offer therapy and rehab to destroy the market?


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