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Human Rights Advocates Demand Worldwide Arms Embargo as Gaza Protests Continue


Human Rights Advocates Demand Worldwide Arms Embargo as Gaza Protests Continue

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As the March of Great Return continued in Gaza for the fifth straight Friday—and Israeli forces killed least four Palestinians and injured more than 800—human rights advocates demanded an immediate worldwide arms embargo in response to Israel's "


International Law is a joke!


The world must do much more then just stop arming and supporting the terrorist zionist entity! the US must stop paying tribute called “aid” and end “forgiven loans” to Israel and stop the overt meddling in US elections and subversion of our foreign policy thru Congress and politicians that hold first loyalty to that foreign power!

End all support for Israel’s illegal colonization of ALL the Occupied Territories and demand a total end to the 50 year endless Israeli occupation. End craven support for Israeli brutal racism and condemn such in the UN. Reverse trumps “recognition” of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel - a status NOT recognized by the rest of the world - Jerusalem should be an open world heritage site administered by an independent non-partisan entity of some sort!

And lastly prosecute Israel in the ICJ for their history and pattern of committing, numerous crimes against humanity and using banned and indiscriminate weapons against civilian populations and intentionally destroying civilian infrastructure!



Amnesty International tweets, “Countries must stop allmilitary aid to Israel until this assault ends.”

And then what—resume miltary aid??? No. Enough is enough.



We demand, they ignore…and it’s another day.


As long as there is oil under the sands of the ME Isreal will continue to be our well armed watchdog, with just enough chain to bite their neighbors.


Stopping military aid is not enough. Encourage every private citizen in the world to practice BDS. Cellphone users: download and use Buycott.


I feel so much better knowing that each and every one of those sniper shots are approved and recorded by those sick F&#$'s! I am rapidly becoming anti_____ whatever, fill in the blank as you wish.


Very well said — you are absolutely right on all counts, but I won’t hold my breath 'til something gets done.


If the US had a real president maybe the US could do something about this. I can’t remember Trump saying a thing about it. The world is sort of leaderless at the moment. It is somewhat hard to understand why anybody on the Gaza side is getting anywhere near the fence considering what is going on. And why are children going near the fence? Sitting here in the US it is hard to comprehend why the Israelis are using lethal force to protect the fence and given that they are why anyone on the Palestinian is risking their life going close to the fence. And as I said, where is Trump, who is supposedly the president. Is he okay with this. Maybe. We know he wants to ban Muslims from entering the US and has tweeted antisemitic images.


A “real president” like O’Bummer?  I can’t recall that he made any attempt whatsoever to stand up to AIPAC or Adelson, and warmonger Hilliary would have been even worse.  Israel has been committing these atrocities for a lot longer than Tweetle-Dumb has been presidunce — for decades, in fact — and the U.S. has done nothing except provide arms and aid.  SFAIK, there is no-one likely to be elected in the next twenty years who will lift a finger to even try to stop the murders.


Paul Craig Roberts agrees with your post with this excellent quote:
“Washington does not accept law, neither domestic or international as a constraint on its actions, Washington is the “exceptional indispensable”. No one else counts. No law, no Constitution, and no humane consideration has authority to constrain Washington’s will. In it’s claims, Washington surpasses that of the Third Reich.”


Maybe some things to be done include Democrat/Progressive politicians running in 2018 elections must pledge an end to U.S. $3.1 b/yr to Israel; support BDS; and enforce all U.N decisions against the Israeli occupation.
However, considering U.S. child slaughter, Madeleine Albright’s, “yes we
think it’s worth it” Iraq 90’s sanctions; we shouldn’t hold our collective breath.


Absolutely! Because in my view, presidents are selected, not elected and no future candidate for POTUS will ever be allowed in the oval office unless they are an AIPAC stooge!


We need to prioritize.

If democracy brings the most benefit to the most people, why are we still pecking around the fringes when the problem is representative government? How can we hold the oligarchy’s feet to the fire when it owns the politicians that make the laws?

If its not direct, its not democracy.


It’s OK to favor Jews over Palestinians (disguised as supporting the State of Israel), but to favor Palestinians over Jews, well that would be anti-Semitism - and that’s the worst thing in the world, don’t you know.

The mere hint of opposing any Jewish interest or exposing Jewish wrongdoing is likely to have you labeled an anti-Semite, sort of in the same class as holocaust Nazis. I think its about time we started rejecting empty charges of Antisemitism and require them to be justified by a showing of unfair or prejudicial discrimination, thereby removing its manipulative power.

The thugs of Israel need to be called out for what they are - discriminating thugs and killers, and they should not have an free pass to intimidate those who would call out or counter their atrocities by tarring them as prejudicial discriminators - you know, anti-Semites.


I think Lrx meant a “real President” like Ralph Nader or MLK. While Obama is far better than Trump as a human being, both Obama and HRC proved that their subservience to corporate America supersedes all other obligations to the public, to humanity and to the planet. Many voted for Trump in the hope that Trump was at least outside of the political establishment. What most Trump supporters failed to see though, was that Trump is just as willing to support Big Pharma, the MIC and Big Oil as any mainstream Democrat or Republican would have, with the glaring exception that Trump expects to collect a sizable commission or at least a tangible, personal benefit for his direct participation in undermining the public interest for corporate gain.


If the Democratic Party hadn’t stole the nomination from Sanders we would have had an honest President.


Let me refresh your memory. Obama called for a halt in settlement building in East Jerusalem. And he was ignored. When secretary of state Kerry visited Israel the settlements were actually approved during his visit. Obama definitely stood up to AIPAC. The Congress did not. Nobody knows what Hillary Clinton would have done. Bill Clinton came the closest of any American president in getting a peace agreement.


If people would finally admit the truth that Hillary Clinton won the primary fair and square maybe the Democrats would have a better chance of winning in 2020. And why you do say Sanders is honest? Why wouldn’t he release his tax returns? He finally released his returns for one year after much prodding. Why don’t you suspect he is hiding something? Possibly it has something do with wife who created problems at Burlington College. If he should run again will he finally release his tax returns. Probably not. Will his supporters care? Probably not. If he loses the primary again will his supporters claim the election was stolen? Probably. As far as I know Hillary Clinton is an honest person. She has more than 30 years of tax returns made public.