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Human Rights Day, A Call to Care


Human Rights Day, A Call to Care

Kathy Kelly

December 10th marks the U.N. Human Rights Day, celebrating and upholding the indispensable and crucial declaration of universal human rights.On the eve of this event, I visited a refugee camp housing 700 families in Kabul. Conditions in refugee camps can be deplorable, intolerable. Here, the situation is best described as surreal. As I approach the entrance to the camp with my friends Nematullah, Zarghuna and Henrietta, we are overcome by the stench emanating from an open sewer filled with filth. I ask myself, "Can this be real?"


Ms Kelly remains one of the purest and truest voices for peace and the compassion for others out there.


And she's been jailed more than once for her humanitarian convictions.


Kelly cuts right to the core: do we care about our fellow people (especially in those places "we" America is waging war in)? Do we care about Afghans? And also: want peace? then extend and act on compassion! No simper and truer message, and she shows us how to live this message.

If you haven't checked out Voices for Creative Nonviolence, please do! So revealing and inspiring, you will be very glad you paid a visit:


True. Kathy Kelly is a true angel of peace and compassion. That must be the Orwellian reason Kathy has never been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. That prize seems to be reserved for war criminals like Obama and Kissinger!