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Human Rights Defenders to Biden: No Torture Defenders Allowed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/21/human-rights-defenders-biden-no-torture-defenders-allowed


I wish them success with their effort but have serious doubts as to whether this will make a difference. Here’s an idea, instead of looking for a less compromised person to be put in touch of these agencies, let’s just stop funding the agencies entirely.


Exactly how does getting rid of agencies that are supposed to help people in desperate need of assistance, survive the problems endangering their health, welfare, and economic security? Why do you not think it better to properly fund, oversee, and position leadership to insure that such agencies appropriately live up to their charter and mission?

The article was basically focused on the CIA, NED and the like. These are the agencies that ought to be ‘retired.’

You don’t blind your eyes, or deafen your ears because physical corruption requires you to monitor their health and function while wearing glasses and hearing aids to help you more accurately understand the information these senses convey. The agencies aren’t a major problem, the people in charge and the people who monitor and oversee such agencies (as well as those who decide how to act upon the information they provide) can be, and often are responsible for almost all problems we have with those agencies.