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Human Rights Group Calls Conditions in Gaza 'Unlivable' for One Million Children

Human Rights Group Calls Conditions in Gaza 'Unlivable' for One Million Children

Julia Conley, staff writer

Save the Children called on Israel to lift its blockade of the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, reporting that one million children there are coping with "unlivable" conditions, as schools and households struggle to function with limited basic services and the constant threat of conflict.


Meanwhile Bebe and his concubine are sunning themselves by the pool adjacent to the manse built with money they stole from the Israeli government. Not unlike his pal, DJT and his courtesan.

Great article.


Hamas didn’t do a 'seizure of the Gaza Strip in 2007. There general elections to Parliament in all of Palestine, something both the U.S. and Israel said they supported. Of course they expected Fatah, which had become a Vichy style organization doing Israel’s bidding, to win.

But Hamas won, overwhelmingly. Throughout all Palestine. The president of the Palestinian Authority, though, was not up for election and it was Fatah. He and Fatah just nullified the election in the West Bank under Israeli and U.S. orders.

But in the Gaza Strip they were not able to keep Hamas from exercising it’s governmental authority due to being elected.

Despite their lauding democracy all the time, both Israel and the U.S. immediately condemned Hamas being in charge.

That’s the “seizure” that happened in 2007.

Why did such a good article otherwise use language reflecting the U.S. and Israeli rejection of Hamas winning a fair election?


Why did such a good article otherwise use language reflecting the U.S. and Israeli rejection of Hamas winning a fair election?

Great question! Thank you for bringing up such a glaring omission.


And Hamas offered Palestinians access to FREE medical clinics, schools, clean water, housing, jobs, and means to save their lives and those of their children from starvation, homelessness, and deprivation. Not so the Israelis and complicit USAn’s. What a concept: win over the loyalty of starving, displaced human beings with caring and compassion rather than bombs, drones, walls, and barbed wire.

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At least they claim they do and lord knows the quality of the food delivered. What a statement that makes…having to truck in food to people they mistreat and marginalize along with destroying their villages/communities with rockets, bulldozers, etc. and constructing walls (not unlike DJT and his ilk). How humanitarian of them!!! “Zionism – the opposite and negation of Judaism.” And Netanyahu is a Zionist first and foremost.

Sure they do.

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Thank you for the link and response JG.

Acknowledging and Protecting the Human Rights of the Palestinians is the defining call to our Generation

If we cannot perceive this…


Unlivable for 1,000,000 children and a huge number of cute puppies and kittens.
Just why is it so difficult to care about the adults, too.

You speak as if Human Rights are mutually exclusive

One really must respect All People’s Rights… Correct

Surely you don’t suggest we jail an entire people for the actions of a few

It is clear that all Americans do not share the hate displayed in Charlottesville

Would you say the same is true in Gaza

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How does the Kool-aid taste?

Sure were sound bite responses.

Was that a bot?

I think that question is for you to answer truthfully

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It is an art in Israel.

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Still stuck are you? Can’t help unless you evaluate facts not emotions.

You mention genocide multiple times, blaming an entire people for its existence.

This is emotion.

Single people commit single crimes, and should be arrested and tried for their actions.
Their sentence should come from reasoned evaluations and evidence.
And sentence should be commensurate to their crime.

Tell me the crimes of the Children.
Tell me their crimes and their just sentence, and why we do what we do to the Innocent.

When no criminal is identified, no one is tried for offenses, criminals on both sides walk free,
no justice is advanced, and there is no protection of Human Rights.

All Peoples deserve Protection under the Law.

The World Court in the Hague appears to be the only court, at this time, advancing World Justice.

One can always find a reason to Hate and no I will not answer a trap question.
(i.e. Have you stopped beating your wife?)

One can claim any reason for their actions, it still does not make them right.

I ask for Rule of Law, not rule of the strongest.

One side has rocks and slingshots and is living is severe poverty,
the other side Rifles, Tanks, continued reinforcements and Power.
It is clear which side is abusing authority.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable, JFK

Until there is advocacy for Due Process, there will never be Peace.

And the Innocents will continue to pay the sentence for the actions of those behind the Guns.

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You have given thought to your replies, to that I will give you credit. You have been earnest.

To the conclusions I most ardently disagree.

As a young Catholic attending University, I remember quite well, the first book my father gave me
“Man’s Search for Meaning” by Victor Frankl

At first I thought it a valid read for a young man given its title. When I read and understood the content I was wondering what was my father’s true intent in making a point of proffering this study.

My simple mind found three truths in Mr. Frankl’s writing.

One, therapy is healing that we All need, since All our Spirits long for the Justice we have been denied

Two No one has the right to do wrong, not even if wrong has been done to them.

Three When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves.

I can bring no better words

As a Vietnam Veteran I will tell you this truth.
If you wish Peace in your life, you must forgive others as well as yourself.

There is no Peace without Compassion
No Compassion without Forgiveness

I pray for your peace my earnest thinker

Whether the election of Hamas through a process that wasn’t corrupt is questionable, nonetheless, they are the declared enemy of Israel. A comment posted read that a thousand rockets launched by Hamas from Gaza killed 2,000 Israelis, really? Just a few Israeli bombs killed more than two thousand Palestinians and this is where I get suspicious in regard to Israel’s agenda.

Israel has the most sophisticated intelligence gathering system in the world, the best trained and prepared military, and modern weaponry more than enough to fight several wars at once. if one considers that Israel in its infancy defeated the four armies of its neighbors in just six days, one should ask why Israel hasn’t been able to take out a band of terrorists in a 140 square mile strip of land? Killing 537 Palestinian children with indiscriminate bombing of neighborhoods in Gaza then claim Hamas used them as human shields is inexcusable. In truth, Israel doesn’t want to defeat Hamas rather it wants to defeat all the Palestinians in the region and claim the land part of Israel… acre by acre.