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Human Rights Groups Condemn 'Despicable' Plan to Detain Children in Prison Camps


Human Rights Groups Condemn 'Despicable' Plan to Detain Children in Prison Camps

Julia Conley, staff writer

With the Trump administration's forcible separation of families resulting in packed government detention facilities for children, the Health and Human Services (HHS) Department is considering the construction of so-called "tent cities," or prison camps, at military bases in Texas to house unaccompanied migrant children.


This is what Sheriff Joe did here in AZ. Tents for kids? How are they going to move them around the country, in rail cars? This is just getting toooo damn bizarre for me. Are we that sick? It seems so, no one can hide from this and all the other news headlines of today. Wacko wacko. Somehow I thought we were better than this, denial is a bitch.


Wake up humans in America.

Your country is no longer “your” country.

Your continued support of Democrats and Republicans has come to this.

A nation ruled by the .01%, just as you allowed it to become through your very naive voting record.

Ever wonder why so many prisons exist, and more are being built all the time?


Immigration, global warming, species extinctions, war, crime, resource depletion, desertification, pandemics, poverty, psychologic problems, addiction, famine, drought, pollution, ocean acidification, infestation, die offs, and so on are root caused by OVERPOPULATION AND EXTREME WEALTH/POWER CONCENTRATION. In short, BY CONSERVATIVES.


Can’t even imagine the fear of not knowing exactly where your child is and not
being able to ensure that they are safe in your arms.

This is reminiscent of “Christians” kidnapping nature American children here and
putting them into US government schools run by RCC and Mormon Church where
the children were forced not to speak in their native languages, their hair/clothing
changed to Western European style – and where they were ABUSED by mutilation,
murder, hanging, beatings – and sexual abused.

What control do Americans citizens actually have over these plans and to ensure
the safety of the children?

And what is this costing taxpayers and the nation in adding a new cruel and brutal
separation of parents from children in WAR ON IMMIGRANTS?


Aren’t there enough abandoned Wal-Marts to house them in. Or are the Walton’s asking to much for rent.


Apologies – that should say “kidnapping NATIVE American children” …


Why are the great mass of Americans such callous, hate-filled, self-absorbed, inhuman, subhuman thugs?

I did not ask to be born here. I want out.


You seem to be unaware that the majority of USAns fully support this inhuman treatment of asylum seekers. They regard those fleeing here them as brown “illegals” - not even human.


This is some real NAZI BULLSHIT.


I was young in the 50’s when I was growing up, however, the Hate in people was plain to see.

Since that time, this country has only had two parties to govern us. In 60 plus years they could have had all these major problems worked out.

The truth is, they don’t want to work them out. They want to enrich themselves and their benefactors. Democrats and Republicans. Keep the corporations and military happy, fuck the People. Throw them some crumbs, and maybe they won’t make too much of a fuss.

It’s really the exact same thing as the mass killing problem we have in this country. Too many guns. Remove the guns, no mass killings. Other nations have proven this.

Same thing with politics. Remove the Democrats and Republicans, insert politicians that put People first, and voila, no more tears. Elites have no place in government. This country must have working people making decisions for other working people.

Yunzer, two thirds of this country is unhappy with the crime family that’s in the White House.

Those that say they’re not, most are lying, or they’re rich and along for the free ride.

I’m doing my best not to be insensitive to your unhappiness, but, please don’t complain about living here. There are much worse places to live.

You have some good ideas, so work on them. Be a part of the solution.


Sure, there are much worse places to live from an availability of material needs or civil liberties viewpoint - some that are better too. But in terms of the overarching values that inform US culture, there are many places that are far better. Like a transgender person often describes themselves, I really think that I am a Scandinavian that was accidentally born in a USAn body.

And I have no trust in “politicians that put poeple first”. that is hanging too much responsibility of individuals. Something I like about Canadian or UK politics is that there, the party and its program - formulated by dues paying membership rather than individual politicians, is what does the governing.


Oh this is worse. Tent cities have been real for Palestinians too. 70 years for some. ICE is the IDF and immigrants are all Palestinians now. Maybe someone in the government thought that ripping children from their families was good–oh wait, the Nazis did that too, go to the camp, walk to the left die, to the right live. America is just short cutting by starting the children separation part immediately. OR----------
maybe someone in the government read Jonathan Swift’s "A Modest Proposal, " and thought it sounded like great government policy. : 0


Young children, forcibly separated from their parents & held in tent cities in the sweltering Texas summer heat. What could possibly go wrong?

Some will die, and most Americans’ fury will be triggered if it isn’t already.


There are Afgan refugees that have been living in tent camps, some for five years. I’m not sure if Americans realize the scoop of this issue.

"Of that total, 28 million are child refugees who fled conflict, states the UNICEF report, “Uprooted: The growing crisis for refugee and migrant children.” An additional 20 million are child migrants who left their homes in search of better lives. The report defines a child as any person below the age of 18.Sep 8, 2016