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Human Rights Groups Shred Sessions for 'Fearmongering' Immigration Speech


Human Rights Groups Shred Sessions for 'Fearmongering' Immigration Speech

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Attorney General's speech seen as latest attempt by the Trump administration to "falsely paint asylum seekers and refugees as threats and frauds"

Jeff Sessions immigration


And just what are we going to do with all those trying to escape from global warming climate change…oh…ya…right…build a wall, a great wall…walls work in 2 directions, lock 'em out, lock 'em in…we just might need the help from other countries soon and we sure are getting a lot of people around the globe fearful and angry…stupid is as stupid does.


Will somebody please step on that little toadstool.


Spoken like the typical cruel antebellum Suth-ern plantation overseer dressed up in a suit out of the little boys’ wear in Belk’s department store just outside of metro Montgomery, AL. He exudes the evil that many of the plantation overseers embodied…only thing missing is the cat o’ nine tails.


Fear-mongering and hate are already policy.


We can’t even provide health care for everyone now, can you see a problem adding 100 million people (at the current rate of 1.5 million a year) by 2050?


It is not that we CAN’T provide health care…it is that exorbitant health care and pharmaceutical costs PREVENT and PROHIBIT ready access to health care for millions of Americans. It is not a matter of capacity, it is a matter of access and as long as health care is a FOR-PROFIT operation in US, nothing will change. We are a nation of immigrants excepting our Native Americans who were here long before the white man came to shore.


All true, but no health care is no health care and I see no planned policy to address these things in the current immigration policy. This is immigration levels that are expected. Look at Italy, as an example of unplanned immigration. The 20 some million not covered by the ACA are primarily immigrants.


Land area in Italy: 116,347 mi²
Population of Italy: 60.6 million (2016)
Population density per square mile: 197

At 3.8 million square miles (9.8 million km2) and with over *324 million people, the United States is the world’s third- or fourth-largest country by total area.
Population density per square mile in US: 81.

We can make room.


This tiny man is a real twerp; the end result of too many wedgies in grammar school.


GRRRR…What percentage of your state population are immigrants. Do you have any cities with over a million? Where I get my health care Medicare everyone is an immigrant both provider and patients english is not the primary language. It was either that or wait four months.


Yes…million plus pop cities.
And I am a polyglot…proud to be one, too. My immigrant paternal grandfather spoke SEVEN languages and he emigrated from Greece in early 20th C with clothes on his back and his life savings with which he managed to build a thriving Greek restaurant in New England. His wife was an emigre from Ireland. My maternal grandparents forebearers came to the US long before it was the US.

Your compassion is waning, which is sad.

Just think how many medical clinics we could build and how much care could be provided with one-tenth of the DoD budget…so you would not have to wait in line so long. Easy solution.


Well, since the Revolutionary war for me, my dad was a second generation immigrant. I’m not against immigration I’m against poor planning

Edited: We should stop bombing the hell out of other countries but in the mean time we do need a better plan.


Agreed! There are lessons to be learned from the lack of planning (urgency impelled), ignorance of myriad cultural differences, and non-existence of organizations to create order out of the chaos.

Puerto Rico is a horrific example of NO ORGANIZED approach to addressing the issues and needs. A prime example of this is the USNS (Hospital chip) Comfort is in place and has over 800 medical professionals on board and so far ONLY SEVEN PATIENTS ARE BEING TREATED. Speaks volumes about the total lack of leadership at the top in the WH and in the cabinets and agencies whose business/responsibility it is to oversee/organize and expedite care, supplies, and support.


Seatower, I’ve been reading your entries for some time, and finally decided to stop posting my own: you say exactly what I think, but articulate it better. Thank you for the insightful posts.


jeff sessions & trump are bigots & racists. these people needing asylum are in dire straits,


Well I can’t say what the problem is, this does make some sense. The Norther Command is responsible for coordinating with Puerto Rico’s health services. The Comfort is primarily an acute care and surgical provider. The eight patients were all in critical condition. They function as a back up for hospitals.

“Comfort’s primary mission is to provide an afloat, mobile, acute surgical medical facility to the U.S. military that is flexible, capable, and uniquely adaptable to support expeditionary warfare. Comfort’s secondary mission is to provide full hospital services to support U.S. disaster relief and humanitarian operations worldwide.”


Sessions and his White Citizens Councils bashed and intimidated farm workers and laborers, passed draconian laws then watched Alabama’s food products rot in the fields for lack of good workers.
He’s a racist ideologue who’s bad for the Alabama economy, yet they vote for him. Stupid is as stupid does. The blind leading blind, as it were.
And, doesn’t anyone remember he lied to Congress on 3-4 occasions. He’s creepy, too.


Is this 2017 or 1917? The Trump administration is horrific!!! A century behind the development of this country. Trump is a White Supremacist and racist. He is totally unfit to be in the White House.


A racist, a bigot, a toad or is he a Keebler Elf?

My mother had Parkinson’s, and she would sit all day in one chair, and I would ask more than once, “Mom, do you want to take a walk?” Her reply, “No.”

Then one good hit on her vape, and the same question 5 minutes later “Sure, let’s go.” Her normal walk was a Parkinson’s shuffle, but after God’s medicine, she could outpace me around the block, and I am taller and also a runner, whereas she was 5’2" $ 90 lbs. She would also be brought back from the “dark side” and I learned that Parkinson’s dark side is very, very dark…

And of course he says, “Ku Klux Klan 'was OK until I found out they smoked pot.” and also “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” Fuck-em.