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Human Rights Groups to Launch All-Out 'Pardon Snowden' Campaign


Human Rights Groups to Launch All-Out 'Pardon Snowden' Campaign

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Some of the world's most prominent human rights organizations are launching a formal campaign on Wednesday calling on President Barack Obama to pardon whistleblower Edward Snowden, a long-awaited effort that will coincide with the release of Oliver Stone's biopic, Snowden, according to reporting by Vice.


Brilliant idea, where do I sign?


Hillary is going to be really mad about this effort.
It might even put her into relapse with her p-moania and keep her off the campaign trail for the remainder of September.
By the way why did Hillary hold only 2 --count 'em 2-- public campaign events in August? She sure seems to require a lot of down time and rest.


This will not even be reported in the US mainstream media.


Need a Plan B for when Obama refuses to pardon whistleblowers. Vote for Jill Stein, who has repeatedly committed to using the power of presidential pardon for Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, and other political prisoners.


Wonderful! I think Snowden definitely should be pardoned BUT SO SHOULD CHELSEA MANNING and JULIAN ASSANGE!


Most people with Parkinson’s do …


I think you might have meant that reply to the article rather than me, but good points.

I read an article a long time ago explaining the corruption of one of the major human rights groups, but I keep forgetting if it is Human Rights Watch (HRW) or Human Rights Campaign (HRC). I was hoping it was HRC because that is easier to remember.



I have a question for anyone using a phone device to read the comments: When I post a URL to a tweet or article, I see a picture of the whole tweet, or the article title and first sentence. Do people on phone type devices only see the URL? Many tweets don’t need additional explanation, but if people are only seeing the URL, I should add something.

Here is a test. This tweet includes a link and an image, and an image of the tweeter’s avatar, and when I post here it shows a picture of the tweeter’s name, full text of tweet, and no embedded picture or avatar picture. The link is not clickable unless you click the tweet and click from there.


The UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that basic aid/food and shelter are fundamental human rights, even for those who can’t work (health, etc.) and those for whom no jobs are available. America disagrees, and we ended welfare aid while phasing out a list of fundamental human and civil rights of our own poor.

How does the ACLU define US human rights?


Pretty much the way the UN does.


At this point in the campaign we should talk much more about Tim Kaine. This guy could end up being the president in short order.


That Apache helicopter massacre video in Baghdad that Chelsea released to Wikileaks, is what the war machine bent over backwards to prevent from being released. Chelsea released the video, and in a kangaroo court ( no offense to Kangaroos ), the war machine gave Chelsea 35 Years. By the way, the war machine really wanted execution, or at least life in a Leavenworth dungeon, but public pressure gave Chelsea 35 years in a Leavenworth hell hole instead.


Public pressure will land a solid blow against the Obama administration’s war on whistleblowers … https://www.propublica.org/special/sealing-loose-lips-charting-obamas-crackdown-on-national-security-leaks


Attention Common Dreams Readers:
Tomorrow night 9/14/16 at select AMC theaters there will be a special showing at 630pm CST of the new film Snowden with a live link to be shown. Oliver Stone and Edward Snowden are due to be part of the showing with a live Q&A.
I am going and many of you who are reading this might like to attend also.
Check the AMC web site for the closest theater to you.


This is a wasted movement. Staunch supporters of Peltier have been trying for decades to have him pardoned, and that has gone nowhere. He is in bad health now and guess what? The White House couldn’t care less. The FBI adn the DoJ would never allow that to happen, Too many of our politicians (included HRC) want Snowden in prison or dead. They should all be demanding pardons for those whistle-blowers doing time as well as the ones who have been ruined professionally and financially. That has as good a chance as Snowden receiving a pardon. Our war criminals are in charge of the system and they can’t even be charged. These activists need to choose a battle they can win-- this is not one. Obama has declared these actions/groups/activists as acts of domestic terrorists/terrorism and these are serious offenses. Welcome to Stasi USA compliments of Bush 2 and Obama.