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Human Rights Groups to Obama: Time to Follow Through on Drone Promises


Human Rights Groups to Obama: Time to Follow Through on Drone Promises

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A dozen human rights, civil liberties, and faith groups are calling on President Barack Obama to follow through on the promise he made via executive order in July to transparently probe and address civilian deaths from drone strikes.


Really? Obama, et al won’t even acknowledge that these wars are illegal under our own laws. His promises of ‘transparency’ were discarded the moment he took office.


The US isn’t going to pull back on any drone programs.


The purpose of the program is to reduce the number of American casualties and make perpetual war more palatable to the American public .


In 9 out of 10 cases US use of military and CIA drones are a war crime.
For that reason Obama will never admit that their use is illegal.

How the CIA was allowed to become militarized needs to be investigated immediately.
The CIA’s charter forbids the agency from becoming an extra-judicial military force. The only authorized function of the CIA is to gather intelligence overseas.
Not carry out assassinations, not destabilize governments, not form militias, not have an air fleet of drones used to shoot missiles at anybody…none of those things are legal according to the CIA’s original congressional charter.


Obama has been better during his presidency at belittling the left than he has been at actually listening to and acting on what they might have to contribute to the process.

He radiates big arrogant mind with restricted heart. Not what we need in a leadership role on a planet already awash with brilliant immoral human beings doing damage large and small.


Once a war criminal; always a war criminal!


The only promise Obama will keep is to promise to keep sending drones.


brilliant? he is just an ordinary politician.


The mass murderer in chief is disgusting with his ongoing deadly lies and coverups! With the media controlled by the rulers its no surprise that much of the masses still fall for his B.S.


Not sure if I indicated or meant Obama.


This problem could be fixed with a Jill Stein presidency.


“But, as Reprieve noted in a press statement, the Obama administration is also arguing in the U.S. federal court case Jaber v. Obama—scheduled to be heard in Washington, D.C. on Dec. 13—that its drone program and practices are beyond the reach of the U.S. courts”.

One might have thought that Hitler and his evil little mates had the same opinion.War crimes are war crimes. Crimes against humanity are crimes against humanity. Murder is murder.Even Charles 1st, back in 1649, had to answer to that kind of thinking.


Obama is a Neocon. He was a stealth Neocon when he was elected in 2008. Something else he is is a Neoliberal, a stealth Neoliberal, but not so stealthy.

If Obama was white the Republicans would love him.


Unfortunately, our laudable Constitution has been being shredded for decades. No, we do not have a constitutional government. Some repug candidates claiming to be ‘strict constitutionalists’ either haven’t read it, or count on us not to have read it.