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Human Rights Hypocrisy: US Criticizes Cuba


Not only was JFK’s the last intelligent administration, but the last one with any moral compass, imo. A question–just curious about your opinion–if Bernie were successful in getting to the WH, do you think that if he tried to rock the boat by going against the wishes of the MIC and the CIA like JFK did, the same thing would happen to him?


I do not think that the same thing would happen to him for at least two reasons 1) He’s not nearly as naive as JFK was, and would be more cautious and better protected, and 2) The whole house of cards is about to collapse leaving those most guilty too exposed to continue their plotting. And If he’s really as smart as I think he is, his Vice President would be even a greater threat to the powers that be than he is…


Morning, Norcal (and catsma). I wish I were as confident as you about Bernie’s safety. There are mane more ways to kill a man than with bullets - by which I mean blackmail, disinformation and the whole Pandora’s Box of dirty tricks. Just look at the way Sirhan’s last parole case was dismissed to see that the “Unspeakable” (as in James Douglass’ phrase) are still very much in control. But who pray is the VP he has in mind?


I hope Norcal is right, but I share your concerns about Bernie’s safety. As you say, the dark forces are still very much in control, and are likely even more powerful than they were 50-plus years ago. I don’t know that there is any way that Bernie could be protected from them.