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Human Scum, Unite

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/10/24/human-scum-unite

This guy was elected to office. It hard to believe but remember that when Countries like North Korea have someone like Kin Jong-un as leader.

The North Koreans did not elect that flake to office. Citizens of the United States of America cast ballots for Donald Trump and the Democratic nominee lost to this guy.

The guy is an idiot , a fascist and racist but has a constituency large enough to elect this guy to the highest office in the Country called the United States of America. Is there another country on this globe with that many loonies?

Canada might come close but that only if you include our Dollar coin.


It is really hard, but not impossible, to keep hate out of my being for this malignant piece of shit, it’s almost a fulltime job. But, the orange monster is not worth carrying that weight around, so…despising,ridiculing, hoping for the worst possible outcomes for IT and cursing the day it was spawned will have to do. I have better things to do than hate. Even though it is very hard not too.


It seems to me you forgot to list Capitalist… the epitome of the American Dream. American wannabe Capitalists like to exploit others and so wear his MAGA hats on their brains. That’s my Marxist take on the American Great Leader cult.

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What a nightmare this orange tRump is. He is sowing hate everywhere. His policies are horrible and only designed to get him more money. We have to get him out of the White House. If not it looks like we have a dictator on our hands. He seems to be above the law already.

I never wanted to be on a “reality” TV show, but here we are, at the tail end of Season Three, as the host falls apart on camera. I’m amused, gratified and apprehensive all at once.


The US of Abuse has always had a dark, wide streak of authoritarianism at its core. From the Puritans to the Corporats who settled Jamestown, to the squatter/settlers who invaded land west of the Appalachians, to land speculators, to Robber Barons, to…well, you get the drift. The only ones who protested this were the new immigrants. Once they were socialized and drank the Kool-Aid, which was finalized beginning with the Raygun era, it was game over for freedom and democracy. We should have been on a general strike nationwide when the first corporation shut down plants and moved elsewhere to avoid paying decent wages. And our elected officials should have passed laws to make such corporate actions treason. From the perfect example of a sociopath-Donald Draper/Dick Whitman of Mad Men-people want to be told what to do so badly they’ll do anything. They’re terrified. So we sell them Things. Things that will give them happiness. Oh, how they love that. Until they need the next new thing. And the next thing. It’s like a drug. They can’t stop themselves.


Hi Guild312S:
Well, America does have a formula to follow with that wonderful movie,“Network.” It showed how clearly that news can be entertainment, and idiots can rule countries, and if anything is on line or floating through the air to be captured---- People will watch it.

They just need to go out to the politicians and start chanting: " I’m mad as hell , and I’m not going to take it anymore." Said LOUDLY and with SINCERITY, I think that simple phrase could work wonders! : )


But it is HATE that elected Trump.

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A friend of my wife and I , she’s from Canada told us the other morning on the phone that she never wanted to see a head explode on tv more than now. Eh ?

CD—nothing on John Durham-----this feels more like a Hitchcock spy thriller? So democrats gave in and allowed a republican to investigate Trump-Muller —now more republicans are going to investigate the investigators???

Guest commentators on MSNBC have stated that Durham is a good guy----yet this good guy is the one who was investigating torture at Guantanamo and decided no one should be charged. Democrats refused to go after these acts of torture and here is the clown who could put a final knife in the Republic.

Trump was not elected to the office of president, but chosen by the college of electors. That awful appendix to our constitution was demanded by slave-owning colonies during the Philadelphia constitutional convention of 1789, as the price of their support. Unless they were assured no American voter would be able to elect the head of state, they feared a revolution borne on a declaration of human rights one day would deprive them of their slave-driven economy (at that time, the most powerful economic engine of the country). Ultimately, that is exactly what happened under President Lincoln, 71 years later.

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Trump was not elected-- he gamed the system of electoral votes, which is anything but a system, and nothing like an election. Trump actually lost the popular election by an estimated 2.9 million votes, a lukewarm victory for patronage-driven machine democracy (via the friend of Wall Street corporate power, Hillary Clinton).

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I think another issue was a fear of mob rule–but I think the mob did win when it comes to Trump. I actually believe these voting machines are being fixed----why wouldn’t republicans want a paper trail??? I think when you see these very close elections something is up–Ohio stands out and also Florida

Wait until 2024 when Pence / Hannity are running the country.
Hey, Canada’s just north.!

Go gratify yourself to that painting of Bill in a blue dress.

Still don’t get it, do you?